Imagine a weekend-long party where you make stuff, learn from other coders and artists, watch nifty demos, hang out with your friends, maybe meet some of your heroes, and hear some kickass music. @party 2017 takes place Friday June 9th through Sunday June 11th at the Artisan’s Asylum makerspace in Somerville, MA. 

@party is an annual computer arts festival known as a “demoparty.”  The emphasis at a demoparty is on the creation of “demos” which are real-time rendered graphical programs, generally accompanied by a synced soundtrack and often created within some sort of artificial but standardized constraints.  @party will run from Friday June 9th through Sunday June 11th and features seminars, concerts, competitions, and is a great chance to learn cutting edge techniques, meet new collaborators, and show off your work.  For more information, please visit our main site:  http://atparty-demoscene.net