Now You See It…

Opening Reception, Friday March 30, 6pm to 8pm

Exhibition, March 31 to May 13  

Boston Cyberarts is pleased to present Now You See It…, our second gallery exhibition of augmented reality art. The artists in the exhibition, Joseph Farbrook, Carla Gannis, Claudia Hart, Michael Mittelman and Will Pappenheimer are all pioneers in the AR field. Having just finished our large outdoor AR exhibition, The Augmented Landscape, we wanted to follow that geo-located show up with an all image triggered gallery show.


Joseph Farbrook presents Amorphous Ball (2017), a shape-shifting red sphere that becomes all things. Carla Gannis will present The Selfie Drawings, a book of 52 digital drawings completed over 52 weeks in which Gannis performed “the self” through digital drawings and augmented reality in 2015. Claudia Hart presents a selection of works from The Flower Matrix, a new kind of liminal space – a seductive environment for viewing her immersive world, embellished by decorative elements embracing an aesthetic of the fake in which technology has replaced nature, sugary sweet and chemically toxic in equal measures. Michael Mittelman uses mixed reality to create digital Sol LeWitt-like drawings on the walls of the gallery in AR.Lewitt. And Will Pappenheimer presents Waters Rising which places the viewer in water filling the gallery slowly until we are in an distorted underwater world. A video game-based player moves and dances around the room, sword and shield in hand, and throwing light particles in every direction.

Fresh Media 2018

MassArt’s Dynamic Media Institute presents:
Fresh Media 2018
Opening Reception, Friday, March 16th, 6pm to 8pm
Exhibition, March 16th to 18th11am to 6pm

The Boston Cyberarts Gallery is pleased to present Fresh Media 2018, an annual Dynamic Media Institute collaborative production. The Dynamic Media Institute (DMI) at Massachusetts College of Art and Design is a Master’s Degree Program in Design made up of a diverse group of educators, computer programmers, engineers, fine artists, graphic and industrial designers. The projects and collaborative work produced by DMI students aim to explore the role of media technologies within the fields of art, design, interactivity, and communication. The main focus is on designing experiences with extreme empathy for users, so the success of DMI projects rely heavily on research, user testing, feedback, and reflection. Tangible results not only provide the designers with a better understanding of the projects, but the feedback also aids in expanding the field of interaction design as a whole.

Emphasizing topical issues in technology which shape our culture, Fresh Media 2018 is far from the standard, non-interactive gallery exhibition. A rich and diverse series of work awaits. Come play “And Then There Was One” to contemplate U.S. border security, explore a soothing, Chinese heaven experience in “Zen Voice – Cage’s Windows”, or play a video game with your face with “Face It.”  Please join us for the interactive, user-focused, design phenomenon that is Fresh Media 2018!
Artists in this exhibition include: Hessam Daraei, Abraham Evensen Tena, Yiji He, Wen-Pu Huang, Ryan Kenney, Johnathan McLemore, Maryam Yoon and Jiayi Xu.

Displays of Affection

Displays of Affection

Opening Reception, Friday, March 2nd , 6pm to 8pm

Exhibition, March 2nd through 4th, Noon to 6pm







Boston Cyberarts is pleased to present Displays of Affection, an exhibition of work from students in the Digital + Media graduate program at the Rhode Island School of Design.

The Digital + Media program emphasizes interdisciplinary, research-driven practices in which conceptual intention determines form and media. The exhibit reflects this methodology in the wide variety of media represented.

The artists in this exhibition include: Yuhe Yao, Zeyu Ren, Stewart Copeland, Youngin Sa, Natthakit Liewpairat, Yu-Ting Huang, Peter Rogers, Anna Gensler, Sultan Thahir, Lingzi Zheng, Joe Winograd, Bang Luu, Yunha Lee and Xiaohan Li.


Open Call for Art/Technology Exhibition

The Boston Cyberarts Gallery (Boston, MA), a non-profit space focusing on new and experimental media, is organizing a juried exhibition of art/technology art to open Saturday May 25 through Sunday July 1. We are looking for work that pairs art and technology in a thought provoking and visually engaging manner. We’re particularly interested in pieces that use technology to facilitate art, or art to observe technology from a novel perspective, preferably some combination of the two. Boundary-pushing is desired and respected. Works that address, rather than use, technology on a conceptual level may also be considered.

The deadline for submissions is Sunday, April 1, 2018. Click here for submission guidelines.

The Augmented Landscape

Boston Cyberarts presents The Augmented Landscape, an outdoor exhibition at the National Park Service’s Salem Maritime National Historic Site, featuring eight Augmented Reality (AR) sculptures created by four internationally acclaimed artists-John Craig Freeman, Kristin Lucas, Tamiko Thiel, and Will Pappenheimer. Located on the historic waterfront in Salem, Massachusetts, the free exhibition is on view May 27 to November 30, 2017.

Inspired by Salem’s unique history and ecology, the eight artworks delve into issues as diverse as East-West relations, New England’s maritime connections with Russia, Japan & China, American idealism, the discord between globalism and isolationism, piracy as warfare, as well as the effects of climate change, global warming and rising waters.