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Boston Cyberarts Special Projects, a series of ongoing projects, offer arts exhibitions, music and dance events throughout the year.

We are in our fifteenth call of Art on the Marquee. The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA) and Boston Cyberarts are issuing the fifteenth call for media art to display on the Marquee at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center. We are looking for 30-second videos, animations, or computer-generated motion works that push the creative limits of this 80-foot, seven-screen, three-sided LED sculpture. Eligibility is limited to artists and artist teams who reside in Massachusetts. For more info, visit

Up Now at the Boston Harbor Islands Welcome Center (between State St. & Atlantic Ave.) is Waves on Sea and Land, a generative art installation by Mark J. Stock

Waves on Land and Sea is a real-time artwork which uses live wind data from the Harbor Islands and techniques from computational physics to recreate two essential wind-driven motions of the islands. The Harbor Islands are always in flux; wind and tides scour and deposit sand and sediment, shorelines move, while grasses and wildlife adapt to their dynamic environment. Waves on Sea and Land reflects these timeless yet ephemeral forces with a never-ending, never- repeating simulation of two patterns of motion etched into the memories of the islands’ visitors.

COLLISION:Stealing from the Real

Simulation and sense making

May 22 – June 28, 2015
Opening: Friday, May 22nd, 6pm to 8pm

Boston Cyberarts Gallery presents COLLISION:Stealing from the Real: Simulation and sense making, organized and curated by COLLISIONcollective member Georgina Lewis. COLLISION:Stealing from the Real includes 10 artists from the US and Canada.

How do we make sense of our environment parse it, probe it, and enact change? COLLISION:Stealing from the Real examines the transformative power of play and technology’s place within this act. Increasingly computer-mediated, simulation is how we learn about the world and test scenarios, a way of exploring identity, critiquing societal norms, constructing and reframing history or just plain having fun.  Simulation redefines play as a rules-based process that allows artists to mimic reality and push formal, technical, and conceptual boundaries.

Artworks By: W. Benjamin Bray, Rob Gonsalves and Anna Kristina Goransson, Faith Holland, Annette Isham, Erika Lincoln, Sarah Rushford, John Slepian, Mark Stock, and William Tremblay

Click here for exhibitions.  141 Green Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130. Located in the Green Street T Station on the Orange Line. 617-522-6710


The Boston Cyberarts Festival was the first and largest collaboration of artists working in new technologies in all media in North America, encompassing visual arts, dance, music, electronic literature, web art, and public art. From the first Festival in 1999 to the last in 2011, thousands of artists exhibited, performed and entertained hundreds of thousands of festival goers. Please visit the Festival Archive for highlights of the past festivals.

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