The Augmented Landscape – About

“Augmented Reality is the street art of the 21st Century!” adds artist Tamiko Thiel. “It is the medium par excellence for site-specific public art, giving artists unique opportunities to create works in the public sphere. It gives the phrase “artistic freedom” a whole new meaning!”

How to see the art:

To make the most of your experience at The Augmented Landscape, we recommend downloading the free Layar app* before you come and bringing a freshly charged smartphone or tablet.

The Augmented Landscape is an exhibition of augmented reality art. To see the art in Salem at the Salem Maritime National Historic Site, first enable location on your smartphone or tablet. Then download and launch the free Layar app for Apple or Android. Pull down the upper left hand Menu , tap Geo Layers, then Search Layers and search for the two words: Salem Art. The eight art works will appear. Open the map (.pdf) and follow it to the location of one of the red dots on the map and click the associated Layer. Look through your phone in all directions to find the work. To view  another work, click the upper right hand Menu  again and select another artwork.

This is the about page for The Augmented Landscape.

*if it frustrates you to download a new app and then having to wait to see it work, may we recommend searching for ‘Reign of Gold’ (without quotes) by Tamiko Theil.