New User: Digital + Media at RISD exhibition

<Make Your Own Dream Lover>, by Joon June Yoon
Opening Reception, Friday, March 1st, 6pm to 8pm
Exhibition, March 1st through 3rd, Noon to 6pm
New User is an exhibition of work from students in the Digital + Media graduate program at the Rhode Island School of Design.
The Digital + Media program emphasizes interdisciplinary, research-driven practices in which conceptual intention determines form and media. The exhibit reflects this methodology in the wide variety of media represented. <Make Your Own Dream Lover>, by Joon June Yoon, is based on the theme of sexual objectification in web environments including MMOs, video games, and male-centric online communities. This immersive multi-channel video installation incorporates narrative/performance videos, portrait photography and web VR. In Haunted Machine, Win Liewpairat explores the formula for a ghost story through machine learning. Weng Wei Hsiang’s New Space-Physical Body, presents a pair of beautiful graphite drawings documenting his “walking experiments.” Wei says he is interested in revealing, “the hidden world between what the eyes see and what the body believes.”
The artists in this exhibition include: Ji Yoon Jen Chung, Stewart Skylar Copeland, Gonzalo Galetto, Weng Wei Hsiang, Zihan Li Iris, HyeJun Kim, Win Liewpairat, Zeyu Ren, Elise Stephens, HyeJun Youn, and Joon June Yoon.