Hollow Point: Nancy Baker Cahill

Hollow Point: Nancy Baker Cahill

Thrills and possibilities as artist ventures into digital realms, by Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe, January 16, 2019

Boston Cyberarts is excited to present this one-person exhibition exploring the immersive art of Los Angeles artist, Nancy Baker Cahill. Cahill is a visual artist whose works encompass drawing, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR.) She is the creator of 4thWall,a free app available for Android and iOS that allows viewers to scale, rotate, move through, place and record her VR-translated-into-AR drawings & holograms, and to walk or teleport through her LA studio in 360º. 

4thWallnow includes a new function, Coordinates, a new, ongoing, collaborative public AR art exhibition that exists on 4thWall and invites the viewer to be physically present at specific locations. This project was created out of the desire to use technology as a subversive form of resistance, and aims to inspire thoughtful site-specific dialogue and expand our understanding of public art. 

Boston Cyberarts Gallery will display a number of her large drawings that she redraws within three dimensional virtual reality space and then presents as augmented reality through her app. Both the app and new virtual reality art will be in the gallery. Special AR artworks will be positioned through Coordinates above the gallery viewable with 4thWall.She says about her work, “My move to digital drawing in three dimensions is a natural extension of what began (and continues) on paper. It allows for an empathic and immersive expansion of my ideas as well as the ability to introduce traditional drawing into an uncharted technological arena. This juxtaposition of analog and digital technology in a shared space underscores the idea of tension within one body and the conflict this provokes both formally and emotionally.”

Baker Cahill was born and raised in Boston and is a graduate of Brookline High School and Williams College. Solo exhibition highlights include the Pasadena Museum of California Art, her Virtual Reality (VR) public art project on the IF (Innovation Foundation) sponsored Sunset Digital Billboards, and a VR/AR event at LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions) in April 2018. She has been profiled by Forbes MagazineARTnews,Fast CompanyThe Smithsonian Magazine,The Art NewspaperZDNetand the Los Angeles Times.She was a speaker at TEDx Pasadena, discussing AR art as a tool to create equity and access. She has recently become the subject of a Bloomberg Media series Art + Technology video.

On Sunday January 20th at 4pm, Baker Cahill will be giving a talk about her work at the gallery entitled “Fine Art, Public Practice and XR: Integrating Emerging Technologies into a Studio Practice.” This is a program of Art Technology New England (ATNE.org)