Fresh Media 2019

Opening Reception, Friday March 15h, 6pm to 9pm

Exhibition, March 15th to 17th, 2019

The Boston Cyberarts Gallery is pleased to present Fresh Media 2019, the annual Dynamic Media Institute’s collaborative art exhibit. The Dynamic Media Institute (DMI,) at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, is a Master’s Program in Design made up of a diverse group of educators, developers, designers, and artists. The work produced by DMI students explores the role of dynamic media in the fields of art and design. Central to the program’s mission is the engagement with audiences through user testing, reflection and research. Tangible results not only provide students with a better understanding of the projects, but the feedback also aids in expanding the field of interaction design as a whole. Visitors to Fresh Media 2019 can expect a unique art and design gallery experience, where they participate in meaning-making through interaction. Using technologies as diverse as augmented reality, motion and sound sensors, virtual spaces and others, our guests will participate in the expansion of the language of dynamic media. Fresh Media 2019 is an opportunity to experience, first-hand, what is next in digital art and design. We invite you to explore with us exciting new frontiers of user experience.

Artists in this exhibition include: Lingxi Li, Jiayi Xu, Richard W.P. Huang, Abraham Evensen Tena, Eun Seo, Shihan Tang