Mobius Artists Group will be in residence at Boston Cyberarts Gallery in Jamaica Plain for six weeks, from September 8 – October 15, 2017. They will present four different programs that span the visual arts, performance art, video, and music, by group members as well as international artists. The gallery is located at 141 Green Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, on the plaza level at the Green Street T Station on the Orange Line.

Marilyn Arsem, Day 99: Salt in 100 Ways to Consider Time, 100 6-hour durational performances at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, November 9, 2015 – February 19, 2016, Photo by Mark Solinsky

Fridays – Sundays, September 8 – 24, 2017

Exhibition of documentation of Marilyn Arsem’s 100 Ways to Consider Time

Marilyn Arsem

Fridays – Sundays, September 8 – 24, noon to 6 pm:

Opening event, Friday, September 8 at 6 pm

Closing event, Sunday, September 24 at 6 pm

This exhibition of the documentation of Marilyn Arsem’s 100 day performance, 100 Ways to Consider Time, which took place at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston from November, 2015- February, 2016, was recently shown in Italy at the Venice International Performance Art Week. The exhibition includes descriptions of each day’s action, photos, video, audio, writing by the audience, and artifacts from the performances. The artist will also be present.

Friday and Saturday, September 29-30, 2017

Mobilize: Performance Art from Ireland

Friday, September 29 at 7 pm, two live performances by the internationally renowned artists Alastair MacLennan in Ash  She  He, and Sinéad O’Donnell in After Laughter.

Saturday, September 30 at 7 pm, Interference: Irish Performance on Video,

curated by EL Putnam.

Suggested donation of $10.

Alastair MacLennan on his performance Ash  She  He
1) The performance will engage:
“…empathy across conflicting identity(ies)…”
“…transforming suffering…”
“…justifying (or otherwise) conflict to public/private conscience…”
“…stagnation transitioning to fruitful futures…”
2) Same difference:
“…seeing sameness in difference and difference in sameness…”
“… showing what we hide…hiding what we show…”


Sinead O’Donnell on her performance After Laughter

“Words come to my head, visions come to my mind… I scrape through a sort of black hole imagining the future as a performance I will make.”

My work explores identity, borders and barriers through encounters with territory and the territorial. I set up actions or situations that demonstrate complexities, contradictions or commonality between medium and discipline, timing and spontaneity, intuition and methodology, artist and audience. I use my body to investigate both my own and cultural boundaries, particularly in relation to the restrictions placed on women.


Interference: Irish Performance on Video is a selection of videos and documentation, curated by EL Putnam, presenting a range of dynamic performance practices currently taking place in Ireland. Participating artists include: Fergus Byrne, Amanda Coogan, Celina Muldoon, Siobhan Mullen, Rosalind Murray, Áine Phillips, and EL Putnam. In addition, the program includes a screening of Future Histories, documentation of a 12-hour performance event at Kilmainham Gaol that responded to the site’s iconic associations with the 1916 Easter Rising.


 Friday –Sunday, October 6-8, 2017

For a Future to be Possible/Cho một tương lai có thể có

Ngoc -Tran Vu and Anna Wexler

Opening event Friday, October 6 from 6-9 pm, with exhibition and participatory installation construction

and gallery hours Saturday – Sunday, Oct 7 & 8, from noon to 6 pm.

Suggested donation of $5.


This event features an exhibit of the 2016 photographic series, “Pilgrimage to Hué”, the annual festival site for honoring an indigenous Vietnamese Mother Goddess through ornate boat altars, offerings and ritual trance, by the Boston-based multimedia artist Ngoc -Tran Vu.  She and Anna Wexler of the Mobius Artists Group will construct an altar installation responding to the images and the healing intentions toward the suffering of ancestors and their war-desecrated land that they reflect.  With invited audience participation, the process of altar construction and its material elements will extend these intentions to coming generations as we seek to face and transform the intertwined realities of war and climate change in our present moment, “For a Future to be Possible”, in the words of the Vietnamese Buddhist teacher and peace activist, Thich Nhat Hanh.


Friday – Sunday, October 13-15, 2017


Joanne Rice and Tom Plsek

Installation is open 12-6 Friday through Sunday

Performance at 8pm each evening

Suggested donation of $20; $10 students, seniors


This performance and installation is by Joanne Rice and Tom Plsek with invited guests. Birdsongs is a blurry intersection of our watching, thinking, understanding and ignorance of birds. It is emphasized by the fact that since the 1970’s we have lost at least 50% of our songbirds. In some species of songbirds, all are gone already. The canary-like role they play cannot be neglected much longer.