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Augmented Reality at Boston Cyberarts Gallery and More, by Mark Favermann, May 5, 2018, The Arts Fuse

“Now You See It…”, mixed reality and augmented reality art exhibition at the Boston Cyberarts, ArtJaws, April 24, 2018

Coming Attractions: March 25 through April 3 — What Will Light Your Fire, March 25, 2018, The Arts Fuse:

Now You See It…
Boston Cyberarts, 141 Green Street, Jamaica Plain, MA
March 31 through May 13

George Fifield presents Boston with his second ground-breaking exhibition exploring augmented reality (AR).The five featured artists are all pioneers in the field. A work of special interest — Claudia Hart’s selections from The Flower Matrix: disturbing yet fantastical spaces, decorated with toxically sweet fake imagery, replace Nature’s beauty with an Alice in Wonderland type of delirium.

D+M’s Distorted Displays, by Robert Albanese, March 27, 2018, Our RISD

Boston Cyberarts explores displays of affection through technology in student-curated exhibit, by Hannah Edelman, March 2, 2018, The Daily Free Press,

‘Art + Tech: A Citywide Collaboration’ casts a wide net over the Net, by Cate McQuaid,  February 15, 2018, The Boston Globe

Neural networks: from Google gimmick to creepy, beautiful, uncanny art, by Jon Christian, February 12, 2018, The Outline










Digital art instillation brings Brazil’s street art to Boston’s walls, byKristin Toussaint, 

Looking Back at ’60s Art and Technology – The Pioneers of USCO, by Mark Favermann, January 9, 2018, The Arts Fuse

Visual Arts Review: “Vibrations: A Sound Experience” at Boston Cyberarts Gallery
by Mark Favermann, July 26, 2017, The Arts Fuse

Vibrations: A Sound Experience
Cate McQuaid, June, 18, 2017 Boston Globe

Since The Epoch
by Maryam Yoon, March 12, 2017 Boston Hassle

Not of This Earth: Contemporary Art and Science Fiction
by Maryam Yoon, January 31, 2017 Boston Hassle

Fuse Visual Arts Review: Augmented Reality – The Future Is Now
by Mark Favermann, November 9, 2016

Fuse Visual Arts Review: Cyberarts Presents the Beauty of BioArt
by Mark Favermann, April 15, 2016, The Arts Fuse

Membrane: Biology and Art
by Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe

Artistic Prototypes
March 5, 2016, Boston Globe

Neil Leonard, el nuevo pregonero
by Andrés Isaac Santana, February 11, 2016, El Nuevo Herald

Destination: dislocation
by Cate McQuaid, February 3, 2016, Boston Globe

Neil Leonard: Pan Verdadero (True Bread)
by Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe

Hyperallergic Review
Letter from the Editor, January 20, 2015

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Boston Common: Interview with George Fifield
by Céline Browning, September 24, 2015, Big Red and Shiny

Luminous and lighthearted
by Cate McQuaid, June 9, 2015, Boston Globe

Pioneering Piene celebrated at Boston Cyberarts
by Cate McQuaid, February 3, 2015, Boston Globe

Fuse Arts Interview: George Fifield — Boston’s Cyberman
by Debra Cash, February 2, 2015, The Arts Fuse

Otto Piene’s Artistic Legacy — x 2
by Mark Favermann, January 28, 2015, The Arts Fuse

Intangible Possessions
by Elizabeth Devlin, May 5, 2014, Art 21 Magazine

Cyberarts’s Art on the Marquee — Digital Game Shorts for Now People
by Margaret Weigel, March 30, 2014. The Arts Fuse

UML art students works ‘up in lights’ in Boston
by Nancye Tuttle, April 30, 2014 Lowell Sun

What’s up at area art galleries
by Cate McQuaid, November 5, 2013, Boston Globe [Bálint Bolygó]

What’s up at Boston-area art galleries
by Cate McQuaid, May 14, 2013, Boston Globe [Poetic Codings]

What’s up at Boston-area art galleries
by Cate McQuaid, March 19, 2013, Boston Globe [The Game’s Afoot]

Boston Cyberarts’ “The Game’s Afoot” — Something Clever
by Margaret Weigel, March 20, 2013, The Arts Fuse

“City Of Work” — A Satirically Dystopic Vision of The Daily Grind
by Margaret Weigel, January 21, 2013, The Arts Fuse

Inaugural Boston Cyberarts Gallery exhibition: COLLISION18:Present
by Brian Christopher Glaser, November 30, 2012, Big Red and Shiny

COLLISION18:present — The Expanding Range of Cyberarts
by Margaret Weige,l November 17, 2012, The Arts Fuse

Interview: George Fifield
by James Manning, October 15, 2012, Big, Red and Shiny

How Boston Cyberarts Festival grew into a year-round creativity beacon
by Geoff Edgers, July 1, 2012, Boston Globe

‘Art on the Marquee’ inspires and challenges
by Cate McQuaid, March 22, 2012, Boston Globe