May 22, 2015 Opening: COLLISION:Stealing from the Real Simulation and Sense Making

COLLISION:Stealing from the Real Simulation and sense making
Opening Reception Friday, May 22, 2015 from 6:00-8:00pm

Boston Cyberarts Gallery presents COLLISION:Stealing from the Real: Simulation and sense making, organized and curated by COLLISIONcollective member Georgina Lewis. COLLISION:Stealing from the Real includes 10 artists from the US and Canada.

How do we make sense of our environment parse it, probe it, and enact change? COLLISION:Stealing from the Real examines the transformative power of play and technology’s place within this act. Increasingly computer-mediated, simulation is how we learn about the world and test scenarios, a way of exploring identity, critiquing societal norms, constructing and reframing history or just plain having fun.  Simulation redefines play as a rules-based process that allows artists to mimic reality and push formal, technical, and conceptual boundaries. Artists include: W. Benjamin Bray, Rob Gonsalves and Anna Kristina Goransson, Faith Holland, Annette Isham, Erika Lincoln, Sarah Rushford, John Slepian, Mark Stock, and William Tremblay.

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