What is Boston Cyberarts, Inc.?

Boston Cyberarts, Inc. is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to the presentation and exploration of artists working with new technologies.
We’re inspired by that certain breed of artist who lusts for new technologies. There is a grand enthusiasm to being the first to explore the terra incognita of a new piece of software. A young painter named Masaccio was just twenty-one when he translated a new piece of architecture display software called “perspective” into a painting. He placed a crucifixion scene within a rendering of the sharp perspectival space of an arched vault in 1425 – and it changed the entire course of Western painting.

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What is the Boston Cyberarts mission?

To exhibit and promote the media and digital arts of Boston, New England and the world to audiences in the New England region and beyond and by doing so, helping to promote a sense of media and digital literacy, locally and regionally.

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What is the Boston Cyberarts Festival?

The biennial Boston Cyberarts Festival reflects and celebrates this long tradition of technological and artistic innovation throughout Massachusetts. Artists and high-technology professionals, who are using computers to advance traditional visual and performing arts disciplines as well as to create new interactive worlds, participate from around the world. The Festival includes exhibitions of visual arts; music, dance, and theatrical performances; film and video presentations; educational programs; and lecture/demonstrations and symposia.

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When will it take place?

The next, seventh biennial Festival will take place April 22 through May 8, 2011.

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Where will it be held?

Events take place at locations in and around Boston, including theatres, museums, galleries, artists’ studios, educational institutions, and other public spaces. Besides these traditional physical locations, a key component of the Festival is this companion Website to encourage participation from outside New England.

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Who is involved?

The Festival is organized by Boston Cyberarts Inc., a non-profit arts organization. Steering committees made up of Festival staff, volunteers, and representatives of arts organizations, educational institutions, and technology companies coordinate the various elements of the Festival. Currently there are steering committees in charge of music and performance events, community outreach, and the festival website.
The events featured in the Festival itself involve individual artists, established arts organizations, educators, and high-technology industry professionals.
Audience members are drawn from both the arts-going public and people involved in high-technology in the Boston area. Young people are involved via coordinated efforts with local schools and existing arts-education programs. In addition, the Festival is expected to attract a significant number of arts and high-tech visitors from outside Boston and be a major boost to cultural tourism in the area. Finally, the Website allows artists and audiences from around the world to participate.

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How do I participate?

  • An established museum or gallery would schedule an exhibition of cyber-artwork so that it is taking place during the two week 2011 festival period.
  • An established performing arts organization would schedule a performance or set of performances incorporating art and technology, and include it as part of the organization’s regular season schedule during the two week 2011 festival period.
  • An individual artist would organize an exhibition or performance of his or her work, either alone or in collaboration with other artists, at a venue in the Eastern New England area during the two week 2011 festival period.
  • A theater, museum, or gallery might choose to make its space available for a lecture/demonstration by an artist or guest speaker, help to organize a lecture series, or provide support for other educational activities.
  • An arts-education institution might provide guest speakers or venues for lectures or symposia.
  • Additional participation details…

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How many Festivals has Boston Cyberarts Inc. organized?

Six, in the spring of 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009. In addition, there was a special Ideas in Motion dance and technology event in the spring of 2006.

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