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2011 Festival Events Schedule

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Fri 04/22/2011 - Tue 05/24/2011

Experience the occupation of Boston’s Greenway Park by virtual alien invaders. Occupation Forces is an augmented reality art project that allows the public to experience the invasion of the public space around them by aliens. These invaders can only be seen with the use of a smart phone, equipping with a special alien detection app. Otherwise, the invasion takes place undetected by an unsuspecting population. The project [...]

Wed 05/04/2011 - Sat 05/28/2011

Photo: drawing by Nell Breyer, "A dance in Sol LeWitt's 'Bars of Color Within Squares (MIT)'" 2010 Multiple video projections of A Dance in Sol LeWitt’s “Bars of Color Within Squares (MIT),” explores motion, color and depth perception through aerial perspectives on clustered and spontaneous movement. A Dance in Sol LeWitt’s “Bars of Color Within Squares (MIT)” was a performance project staged on LeWitt’s polychrome te [...]

Wed 04/27/2011 - Wed 05/11/2011

This extraordinary collection early German video art, part two of a much larger project, includes numerous discoveries which, for the most part, have no longer been available for viewing for decades. Many of the more than 40 videos had to undergo elaborate restoration before they could be played at all. The project, supported by the German Federal Cultural Foundation, aims to save, maintain, and mediate the cultural herit [...]

Sat 04/30/2011

Using thousands of photographic stills compiled over a long period on the site, Daniel Phillips projects videos through the empty loading bays of the paper mill's former pump house. Images of the beautiful but heavily polluted Neponset River, crumbling mill buildings, graffiti, plant and animal life, and modern retail development portray the site during this transformative period. The compression of time references larger [...]

Sat 04/30/2011

This bi-coastal dance improvisation looks at the human need for intimacy and connection in a world full of technological mediation. Four performers in a studio in Los Angeles are broadcast live onto monitors in the Atlantic Wharf Waterfront Square. Linked by an improvisational score, four performers in Boston stir a real time cross-country movement dialogue. Desire is one of the key themes explored in a construct where [...]

Wed 05/04/2011 - Sun 06/05/2011

Human beings are biologically programmed to evolve – to become ‘Smarter, Faster, Higher’. Technology has given us new tools with which to accomplish this end. We can potentially increase our mental capacity by simply opening a laptop. However, as far as we may seem to have come from our roots in the natural world, technology mirrors nature in the way it evolves using replication. Artist Elizabeth Keithline, in collaborati [...]

Sat 04/23/2011

The “Get Together” is the Together Festival’s signature daytime event. Combining a vinyl record fair, installations and performances by local artists, a fashion presentation and music software and hardware developers demonstrating their products, this event paints a holistic portrait of electronic music culture outside the club. In a lively market atmosphere, visitors are encouraged to mingle with new acquaintances made d [...]

Sat 04/30/2011

Gallery Talk with Laura Knott, Curatorial Associate, Architecture and Design, MIT Museum. The MIT Museum presents Wen-Ying Tsai's 1970 work Cybernetic Sculpture #301. Tsai was a Fellow at MIT's Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS), where the work was created, from 1969-71. This sculpture is part of a small collection of historically important kinetic works created at CAVS and in the collection of the MIT Museu [...]

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