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2011 Festival Events Schedule

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Wed 05/04/2011 - Sat 05/28/2011

Photo: drawing by Nell Breyer, "A dance in Sol LeWitt's 'Bars of Color Within Squares (MIT)'" 2010 Multiple video projections of A Dance in Sol LeWitt’s “Bars of Color Within Squares (MIT),” explores motion, color and depth perception through aerial perspectives on clustered and spontaneous movement. A Dance in Sol LeWitt’s “Bars of Color Within Squares (MIT)” was a performance project staged on LeWitt’s polychrome te [...]

Wed 05/04/2011 - Sun 06/05/2011

Human beings are biologically programmed to evolve – to become ‘Smarter, Faster, Higher’. Technology has given us new tools with which to accomplish this end. We can potentially increase our mental capacity by simply opening a laptop. However, as far as we may seem to have come from our roots in the natural world, technology mirrors nature in the way it evolves using replication. Artist Elizabeth Keithline, in collaborati [...]

Thu 05/05/2011

Class is in session at the MIT Museum, as the Boston video game industry comes together with the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab for this unique event. Representatives from local game companies including Harmonix, Moonshot Games, SCVNGR, 38 Studios, Owlchemy Labs, and Fire Hose Games will showcase the diversity of work that goes into the creation of games. Enjoy a series of short talks, then break for recess to play with g [...]

Fri 04/22/2011 - Tue 07/05/2011

Join the museum for an open reception of “Virtual Kinetics, and the Art of the Image” by David Gordon on April 23, 2010 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. This new exhibit at the museum asserts that technology can be used to both create beauty and stimulate a sense of wonder. By combining historical and new media technologies, artist Dave Gordon achieves effects which are at once magical, beautiful and understandable. Much of th [...]

Sun 01/16/2011 - Sun 06/05/2011

Sound artist Halsey Burgund and the Museum of Science collected the voices of more than 250 people who live in towns along the Route 28 corridor and created a compelling audio scape of personal stories that reveals how we are all different and yet the same. To organize the world around us, we use broad strokes to label people and places, often relying on stereotypes. These simplifications stand in marked contrast to th [...]

Fri 04/22/2011 - Mon 06/06/2011

The MIT Museum presents Wen-Ying Tsai's 1970 work Cybernetic Sculpture #301. Tsai was a Fellow at MIT's Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS), where the work was created, from 1969-71. This sculpture is part of a small collection of historically important kinetic works created at CAVS and in the collection of the MIT Museum. The MIT Museum is also home to the ongoing exhibition, Arthur Ganson: Gestural Engineering, a [...]

Mon 04/25/2011 - Sun 05/08/2011

Where I Live… is an interactive sound installation featuring the voices of over 40 high school students speaking about their neighborhoods, and the psychic effects of growing up in an urban environment. The installation is activated by visitors’ movements through the gallery, which trigger ambient sounds and story fragments from surrounding speakers. Filling Urbano’s gallery, Where I Live… uses motion-tracking software, a [...]

Thu 04/28/2011 - Sat 04/30/2011

sübSamsøn presents an audience participatory performance by Zsuzsanna V. Szegedi. “Trace with me” combines the tangible mark making experience with indirect media elements and relies on the public‘s interaction. In a semi dark room moving projected dots dictate the form and rhythm of the yet drawn image pattern. The audience is supplied with mark making materials. Szegedi’s recent work is part interactive performance, vid [...]

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