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2011 Festival Events Schedule

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Sun 05/01/2011

Experience a Virtual Reality interactive narrative on the Egyptian tradition of the public oracle. Using an important religious event from the Ptolemaic Period, the Egyptian Oracle helps audiences develop a deeper understanding of Egyptian culture. During the event, an expert puppeteer virtually controls the templeís High Priest avatar, who will collaborate with a live educator, lesser constructs in the Virtual Reality en [...]

Sun 05/01/2011

ElectroNEC presents an afternoon of performances of recent music for digitally processed instruments and fixed media by New England Conservatory and Massachusetts College of Art faculty and guests. The program will feature Luigi Nonoís ďPost-Prae-Ludium,Ē and work by artists Simon Hanes, Daniel Hawkins, John Holland, John Mallia, Neal Markowski, Beth McDonald, Marc McNulty, Katarina Miljkovic, and Peter Negroponte. S [...]

Fri 04/01/2011 - Tue 05/31/2011

Each month the PRC features regional photographic artists in online portfolios under the banner of "NEO" (short for "Northeast Exposure Online"). Over seventy artists have appeared in this venue since PRC curator Leslie K. Brown initiated it in September 2003. During the Festival NEO highlights Massachusetts residents Brooke Knight and Mark Stock, experienced visual artists whose work expands the definitions of still imag [...]

Sat 05/07/2011 - Sun 05/08/2011

FAST Light, the culminating event of the FAST Festival, illuminates MITís campus on the evening of May 7th. MIT welcomes the greater Boston community to tour architectural pavilions, sculptural installations, and artworks that incorporate sound, light and performance, from dusk until dark. The event kicks off with the launch of Otto Pieneís Sky Event, when a group of students and alumni will lift a large-scale, brightly l [...]

Fri 04/22/2011 - Mon 04/30/2012

The dramatic glass-enclosed Waterfront Square Atrium at Atlantic Wharf is the site of an exhibition of slow-moving dynamic digital painting, digital animation, and algorithmically generated software that explores fluid dynamics and digital and artificial life. Works included by Brian Knep, Andrew Neumann, Robert Arnold, Mark Stock, Ben Houge, Dennis Miller and Dan Hermes. Apr 22, 2011-Apr 30, 2012 Gallery Hours| 1 [...]

Wed 02/16/2011 - Sun 06/05/2011

Francis Alˇs: The Moment Where Sculpture Happens is presented in conjunction with the Davisís recent acquisition of a major triptych by Alˇs entitled Cityscape (1996-97). The exhibition features the Belgian-born artistís subtle performances and extended documentation of life in the congested colonial center of his adopted home of Mexico City. The multimedia installation, specifically designed for the Freedman Gallery by t [...]

Sat 04/30/2011

Itís playtime at the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab! Find out what a game research lab does: take a tour of the lab, talk to its researchers and developers who spend their days pushing the envelope of video game innovation, and, of course, play our latest game prototypes. For a preview, go to to play our online games. See you Saturday. Game on! Fri, Apr 30 | 11-4pm Public Transportation| Kendall (MB [...]

Sun 04/24/2011

The demoscene is a diverse computer art subculture focused on demos, or realtime rendered audiovisual demonstrations of coding, musical, and artistic prowess. Demos are meant to be technically as well as visually impressive. Chiptune artists use traditional instruments, both acoustic and electronic, alongside classic computational devices like Gameboys, Commodores, and Amigas, as well as more modern tools like palmtop [...]

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