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2011 Festival Events Schedule

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Sat 05/07/2011

Join us for the second annual Boston Area Mini Maker Faire at the Cambridge Science Festival On Saturday April 24, 2011. Come experience hands-on workshops, building & hacking, cool science and engineering projects, strange creations, garage technology, 3D printing and arts and creativity. Come see and make amazing projects at the Cambridge Mini Maker Faire! For more information, go to: [...]

Sat 05/07/2011

A Dance in Sol LeWitt’s “Bars of Color Within Squares (MIT)” is a performance project staged on LeWitt’s stunning polychrome terrazzo floor created for the atrium of MIT's Green Center for Physics in 2007. The performance work examines rule systems manifest in group and individual behaviors, revealing surprising aspects of motion, color and depth perception. It responds to the seminal work "Dance" by Lucinda Childs, Sol L [...]

Sat 04/23/2011 - Sun 05/08/2011

In “A Tool Is A Mirror”, curator Elizabeth Keithline asks new media artists to respond to the sentence ‘Every keyboard reflects a hand and every screen an eye’. Performances at the opening by Paula Hunter, Jeff Keithline and Aerostatic. Artists in the exhibition: Duncan Laurie, Brian Kane, Rupert Nesbitt, Erik Sanner, Sheila Gallagher, Paula Hunter, Aerostatic, (Terry Golob, Michelle Darling, VADE), Dennis Hlynsky [...]

Sat 05/07/2011

Adventuresome Creations features presentations of creative work and a discussion of adventure gaming and electronic literature by three authors and critics: Brian Moriarty, professor of practice in game design at Worcester Polytech and author of Wishbringer (1985), Trinity (1986) and Beyond Zork (1987) from Infocom and Loom (1990) from Lucasfilm Games; Clara Fernández-Vara, postdoctoral researcher at the Singapore-MIT GAM [...]

Fri 02/18/2011 - Fri 04/22/2011

Aldo Tambellini is an artist and poet whose series of Black Films produced in 1965 announced his presence in the vanguard of New York's independent filmmakers. In 1963, he began to scratch and draw on discarded slides that he projected as a part of multimedia environments that he called "Electromedia." He naturally progressed to moving images, creating six Black Films in 1965. He described them as "paintings in motion" th [...]

Wed 04/20/2011 - Sun 05/22/2011

The Boston Sculptors Gallery presents an exhibit of sculptures by Andy Zimmermann. The exhibit, entitled “Where Am I?” consists of four large sculptures, and a sculpture/sound installation. Mirrors are an important element in the sculptures. The largest one, “Meing and Nothingness”, consists of 23 separate mirrors, each on a tripod, pointing in all different directions, in a large, chaotic cluster. The sound installation [...]

Sat 05/07/2011

There will be an evening of live performance taking place within Andy Zimmermann's Who Am I? exhibit, featuring poetry by Rosamond Zimmermann and Cammy Thomas, with Froilan Decan on guitar, John Scales on drums, and Andy Zimmermann on midi-guitar and his own sound and light synthesizer. Sat, May 7 | 8pm Public Transportation| 1 Bus, CT2 Bus *Wheelchair Accessible through the ground floor entrance to the left of [...]

Mon 04/25/2011 - Thu 05/05/2011

Students from the Artbotics Program at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell are exhibiting at 119 Gallery as part of the 2011 Boston Cyberarts Festival. This spring’s Artbotics course is taught by Computer Science Professor Holly Yanco, Fine Arts Professor Ellen Wetmore, and UML Alum Adam Norton. It will culminate in technical art projects which will be on view April 26 - May 5. The reception is Tue, April 26, 6-9pm an [...]

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