Boston Cyberarts 2011 Festival Event

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Thu 04/28/2011 - Wed 05/25/2011
Free admission | Wheelchair accessible
Move Me

Photo: (detail) The First Noble Truth, Arthur Ganson  Move Me, curated by Heidi Kayser, presents the sculpture of Chris Fitch, Arthur Ganson, Tom Haney, Steve Hollinger and Erica Von Schilgen, The works explore the intimate, poetic drama created as electricity, clockworks or human interaction physically “moves” kinetic sculpture but also emotionally “moves” an observer. Ranging from the clandestine use of mechanics and electronics to the intentionally obvious revelation of the inner workings , the show explores the relationship created between artwork and viewer when moving sculpture’s narratives unfold in real time.

A related exhibition of kinetic art at the MIT Museum, organized by Laura Knott, will showcase a historic work by Wen-Ying Tsai and will highlight the ongoing Gestural Engineering Exhibition of Arthur Ganson's extensive body of kinetic work. Also available is a joint catalog including essays by Laura Knott and Heidi Kayser about the individual works in their two exhibitions, as well as an essay about the importance of kinetic sculpture in the contemporary art historical cannon, and an interview with Arthur Ganson by Laura Knott and Heidi Kayser.

Photo: (detail)The First Noble Truth, Arthur Ganson

Apr 28-May 25

Gallery Hours | Wed 6-9pm, Thurs 6-9pm, Sat 2-5pm (and by appointment)

Opening Reception | Thurs, Apr 28 | 6-8pm

Public Transportation | Green St (MBTA Orange Line)

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