Boston Cyberarts 2005 Festival Event

Sun 05/01/2005 - Tue 05/31/2005
Free admission | Wheelchair accessible

During the month of May, Northeast Exposure Online(NEO) - the PRC's web-based initiative of emerging, regional artists - highlights of the work of Lior Neiger, featuring online two videos, "Dead Pixel" and "Globe".

Revelent to mapping is "Globe" (2003), in which a split screen shows two globes spinning and then stoppping, much like a slot machine. Each time, new boundries about each other, alluding to political, geographical, historical and cultural connections. " Dead Pixel" (2004) references computer viruses, the HIV epidemic and the death of technology via the phenomenon of dead pixels in computer monitors. Visit Neiger's online exhibition begining May 1, at

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