Boston Cyberarts 2005 Festival Event

Fri 04/22/2005 - Mon 05/08/2006
Wheelchair accessible

Requiem is Paik’s only extant outdoor sculpture. It consists of a 1936 Chrysler Air Stream sedan which Paik painted silver and outfitted with four 13” TV monitors, three 9” TV monitors, and a video disc player, as well as an audio disc player. All the TV monitors play a 25 minute continuous video loop in sync of classical Paik images which span his entire career as the “founder” of video art. The video loop constitutes a compendium of Paik’s work from the 1960’s through 1997. While the video images play across the car windows, Mozart’s “Requiem” plays softly from speakers within the car for a total audio-visual experience.

The Chrysler sculpture was originally created as part of a temporary installation Paik completed in Germany for “Sculpture: Projects in Munster 1997” which included 32 antique cars from the 1920’s through the 1950’s. Requiem sums up the twentieth century as a period of transformative socio-cultural change from an industrial based society to an electronic information based society. The automobile and the television figure as both the most significant inventions of the century as well as the most prominent signifiers of Western consumerism.

Ongoing installation, Tues-Sun 11am-5pm.

Admission $9; $6 for students and seniors. Admission includes access to the 35-acre Sculpture Park and Museum galleries.

deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum
51 Sandy Pond Road
Lincoln, MA 01773 
phone: 781-259-8355


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