Boston Cyberarts 2009 Festival Event

Fri 04/24/2009 - Sun 05/10/2009
Free admission | Wheelchair accessible

Yucef Merhi

Reception | Sunday April 26, 4pm - 5pm


Studio Soto at Thompson Design Group, 35 Channel Center St., (corner) Fort Point Boston


Super Atari Poetry (2005) is a multiplayer game installation consisting of three Atari 2600 consoles, joysticks, self-manufactured artiridges, and TV moniters. Each cartridge contains a database of verses that were written by Merhi. Players can move forward and backward through the sentences or freeze/swap their shifting colors. The reading of the 3 verses printed on the screens produces an interactive and coherent poem that is always changing its meaning and chromatic structure. With Super Atari Poetry, participants can make about 1000 different poems. Super Atari Poetry is an invitation to feel and celebrate the linkage between the history of media and the history of art; the nexus between programming language and natural language, technology and literature, videogame and poetry. More information at :



The Poetic Clock (2000-08) is a digital clock that transforms time into poetry. It is comprised by 4 rows of text, written in Spanish and programmed in ActionScript, projected on a wall using a computer-connected video beam. Every time an hour changes, a new sentence is printed on the first line. When a minute changes a sentence pops up on the second line. The change of seconds is represented by the change of sentences on the third line. Finally, the fourth line shows the hour as HH:MM:SS.

The reading of the three verses produces an articulated and coherent poem; a poem that mutates each second, minute and hour; a poem that is continuously becoming another of itself, displaying through language the movement of time. As a result, the Poetic Clock genereates 86,400 different poems every day.


Studio Soto at Thompson Design Group
35 Channel Center St, (corner) Fort Point Boston
Boston, MA 02210 
phone: 617.426.7686
email: moc.o1563651912tosoi1563651912duts@1563651912dej1563651912


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