Boston Cyberarts 2005 Festival Event

Wed 04/27/2005
Free admission

The “Floating Points 2” lecture series focuses on artists using networking technologies (Internet, WiFi, GPS, etc.) who take their work out of the PC, and into the streets. In a panel discussion format, artists discuss the future of this new networked/public art:

Elizabeth Goodman’s work focuses on creative exploration at the intersections of new digital technologies, social life and urban spaces.


Teri Rueb’s large-scale responsive spaces and location-aware installations explore issues of architecture and urbanism, landscape and the body, and sonic and acoustic space.

Julian Bleecker has been involved in technology design for over 15 years, creating mobile, wireless, and networked-based applications across a diversity of project idioms.

Greyworld, a group of London-based artists founded by Andrew Shoben, create highly imaginative interactive urban art.

Anne Galloway will serve as moderator.

Wed, April 27, 7pm

For more information email *protected email*

Organized by New Radio and Performing Arts ( and Emerson College.

Funded by the LEF Foundation.

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