Boston Cyberarts 2005 Festival Event

Fri 04/29/2005
Wheelchair accessible

Confi-dance is a dance about sharing secrets, a dance about the consolation and the comfort one finds in a dance.

Secret Streams is an intermedia spectacle in which movement is the language of interaction between film projections, light, soundscape, a kinetic set, and dance. It is a conceptual as well as an emotional journey that unifies its elements into a hybrid being — an otherworldly entity inhabiting the stage. Secret Streams had its world premiere at the St. Petersburg International Dance Film Festival in Russia, in November 2004, and was recently restaged with overwhelming reception for A.P.E. Performance Space in Northampton (March 2005).

Secret Streams is an artistic collaboration. The choreography draws from both western contemporary dance and image-based movement traditions. Originally choreographed by Alissa Cardone and Harriett Jastremsky, Secret Streams was reworked by Cardone in collaboration with dancer/choreographer Ingrid Schatz. Film projections by filmmaker Alla Kovgan explore the choreographic possibilities of combining elements and techniques of dance filmmaking with live dance. The kinetic set by Dedalus Wainwright aspires to destroy the flatness and two dimensionality of the projection surfaces. The lighting design of Kathy Couch merges visual boundaries and unifies the space. The sound score of Seth Barger uses contrasting tones and textures to create extra dimensions for the dance, projections, and ultimately, for the viewers’ imagination.

"Brilliantly conceived and exquisitely performed, [Secret Streams] winds and intertwines in ways that are frequently imperceptible..." - Laurie McLeod

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Fri, April 29 8pm, Sat, April 30, 8pm.

Admission $15 general, $12 Students. Tickets may be purchased online though a secure server at Ideas in Motion

This event is part of Ideas in Motion: Innovations in Dance, Movement & Technology, a 2005 Boston Cyberarts conference and event series.

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