Boston Cyberarts 2009 Festival Event

Fri 04/03/2009 - Fri 05/15/2009
Free admission

The two artists are collaborating on a piece that Punzo will use as an instrument for a musical performance. To describe their piece, Lindenmuth writes in his typically flamboyant style, "So I said to Stradivarius: "Strad, your violins ain't got no funk. That goes for your violas, cellos and double basses. Ain't none got any funk. All they're good for are sickly sweet romantic goo. But for blues and jazz and hillbilly and funk, for doowah and post mod classical, you got to have funk, funk, funk-tons of funk. Me and Rudi are gonna fix that. Come next April we're gonna collaborate on a musical sculpture that's gonna knock your socks off. I'm gonna design it. We're both gonna build it in my shop with South Bend milling machines, CNC mills and TIG welders. And, Rudi's gonna play it. Man, you won't ever have seen such funk."

Rudi Punzo • Italy

Peter Lindenmuth • USA

April 3 - May 15   The Distillery Gallery is located in the central lobby, and is open from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday - Saturday, and by appointment. New shows are installed every 8 weeks.



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