Boston Cyberarts 2005 Festival Event

Sat 04/23/2005 - Sun 04/24/2005
Wheelchair accessible

Boston Cyberarts presents:

"Wear & Tear" investigates the body as machine. Repetitive motion is built up and broken down. The dancer is outfitted with multiple wireless video cameras and microphones. Each joint and flex point is emphasized through magnified sound and image. Intimate details of the choreography are broadcast in real time.

Troika Ranch's "16(R)evolutions" combines dance, theater, and interactively generated video imagery to explore the polarities of being animal and being human; the former dictated solely by the need to survive and reproduce; the later being a state of confusion created when these basic instincts are blurred by intellect.

Sat, April 23, 8pm
Sun, April 24, 7pm

Admission: general $20; student $16

This event is part of Ideas in Motion: Innovations in Dance, Movement & Technology, a 2005 Boston Cyberarts conference and event series. For more information visit Ideas in Motion

Boston Cyberarts at the Dance Theatre at Boston University
915 Commonwealth Avenue with the entrance opposite 25 Buick St.
Boston, MA 02215 


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