Boston Cyberarts 2005 Festival Event

Venue: Art Interactive   Categories: exhibition

Sat 04/23/2005 - Sun 07/03/2005
Free admission | Wheelchair accessible

Shadow Play features four interactive wall projections selected from Snibbe's Screen Series and from a new series of work that he is currently developing based on masterpieces of experimental film.

When we engage with works of art, with other people, and with spaces private and public, the responses of our bodies can be revealing. Our stance, the position of our arms or tilt of our heads, our movement near and around an object or person, all vary depending on how comfortable or interested we are in a given setting. But how aware are we of our bodies, the corporeal relationship we bear to our environment and the marks of our presence that we leave behind? Scott Snibbe’s installations probe this question by making our body’s physical exchange with the systems he has created essential to the works’ realization. When we interact with his artwork, though, we are more than just active participants in a technological field. We are co-creators with Snibbe of a language composed of gesture, breath, touch, shadow, light, space, and silhouette a language, Snibbe’s works make manifest, of the human body.

April 23–August 31, Thurs, Sat-Sun 12-6pm.

Opening Fri, April 22, 6-9pm.

For more info call Catherine D'Ignazio 617-498-0100; email gro.e1558379056vitca1558379056retni1558379056tra@e1558379056nireh1558379056tac1558379056

Art Interactive
130 Bishop Allen Drive
Cambridge, MA 02139 
phone: 617.498.0100
email: gro.e1558379056vitca1558379056retni1558379056tra@o1558379056fni1558379056


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