Boston Cyberarts 2005 Festival Event

Fri 04/15/2005 - Sun 05/15/2005
Free admission

Curated by Heather Kapplow

For the last few years, Finland has been consistently producing extremely strong film/video and multimedia/interactive work. In 2004, Helsinki was chosen as the site for the 12th symposium of the International Society for the Electronic Arts (ISEA). This project will connect a local audience with works being created within the Finnish artists’ collective AV-Arkki, and put new works that utilize or focus on technology into the historical context of performance and conceptual art-experimentation in the US and Europe in the 1950’s through the 1970’s.

About the Studio Soto Gallery Exhibit:

Simo Rouhiainen’s “Mir”
Hanna Haaslahti’s “White Square”
Minna Långström’s “Bubble”
Each of the pieces included here uses art to explore the notion of interface—a notion that the Curator see as crucial at this point in history. We are seeing the world, and each other, through screens much of the time now, and need to be reminded occasionally that even if we are meeting across long distances, we can still find routes to one another that are more evocative of personhood than either the keyboard or the remote control. These works, while speaking directly to a Finnish tradition of experimentation with new technologies, also address more universally Western questions about how any person might reach beyond the prescribed virtualities. Towards ones that seem a closer fit—a more accurate expression of the self for engaging with an unknown other. As a user of each of these pieces, you are drawn much further into the experience of the artist-other than you would be if you were to interact with any of them using more traditional interfaces, including more traditional art-mediums. Ideally, you are left with a curiosity about how to develop an interface that more accurately reflects your own subtle coordinates in the world. At the very least, you might want to find out more about these particular artists and the environment that shaped their work.

April 15-May 15,

6PM - 9PM Friday April 29
Saturday April 30, 12-5pm
May 3-7 Tues and Thurs by appointment during the day (email *protected email*). Thurs & Fri, 6-9pm. Sat 12-5pm. May 9-May14 Mon, Tues 6-9PM, Thurs, Fri, 6:30-9PM Sat, 12-5PM

A note on transportation to the gallery: Parking is difficult, please consider traveling by subway. Opening Reception: Fri, April 15, 7pm

About the exhibit at the Mills Gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts:

Lauri Astala's "Small Spectacle About Lightness", a single channel video installation.

April 8-June 5, Opening reception on Fri, April 8, 6 to 8pm.

About the Video Program:

This program borders on being an educational one about learning to watch experimental film/video works—something that is more or less a political act at this point. In order to reach not only beyond narrative and documentary, but beyond the American perspective, the program uses performance art as a route into experimental time-based work, and Finland as an example. Works being screened were created between 1978 and 2005, and include artists: Mervi Kytosalmi, Teemo Maki, Roi Vaara, Minna Souniemi, Maria Dunker, Mark Lampisuo, Hanna Maria Antilla, Juha van Ingen, and Pekka Sassi. Most have been screened throughout Europe, but never before in the United States. Parental discretion is advised.

Screening #1: 1:30pm - Fri, April 22 Somerville Theatre in Davis Square
Screening #2: 12pm - Sat, April 23 Coolidge Corner Theatre

For info and ticket prices for the video programs visit the Independent Film Festival of Boston

New Media Art from Finland is a collaborative presentation of the Boston Cyberarts Festival and the Independent Film Festival of Boston, this project is a conjunction of two events: a gallery exhibition of interactive installation works at Studio Soto in the Fort Point Arts District, and a video program at the Independent Film Festival of Boston. Sponsors of this project include AV-Arkki, the LEF Foundation, the FRAME Fund for Finnish Cultural Exchange, Do While Studio, Avanti Media, and Tech Superpowers, Inc.

For more information about the artists in the gallery exhibit visit

For more information about the Independent Film Festival of Boston visit

For more information about the AV-Arkki media arts collective visit

For more information about this project contact Heather Kapplow at
*protected email*

Studio Soto at Thompson Design Group
35 Channel Center St, (corner) Fort Point Boston
Boston, MA 02210 
phone: 617.426.7686
email: moc.o1558380645tosoi1558380645duts@1558380645dej1558380645


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