Boston Cyberarts 2005 Festival Event


Wed 04/20/2005 - Fri 04/22/2005

Boston Cyberarts presents:
A 3-day workshop relying on mixed-disciplines in which all participants bring their chosen focus into the room and meld it with physical alphabets and movement modalities to produce an integration of brain and body. The work in these three days is grounded in physical improvisation which enables each person to access yet unknown creativity by visualizing and interpreting the body in space – a different version of space! This technique of spontaneous movement boosts other art forms into enhanced realms of thought and physicality that will affect opinion and free the imagination to flow. This work allows participants to discover and access the inspiration that the body has to offer. The whole room works synergistically because the participants create and speak the same physical language. Action slides easily into the space. It is a class that the students manifest themselves. This new language is easy to learn and later refer to because it is rooted in technique. It is a gratifying challenge that will help any person glide into the flow of energy that coordinates mind and body. This method will not only enhance your vision of space – ponder more dimensions! – but also will open your art to another level entirely.

Wed, April 20 4-7pm
Thu, April 21,10-1pm
Fri, April 22, 1-4pm

Admission for the 3-day workshop is $140, early bird special $125 before April 1.

This event is part of Ideas in Motion: Innovations in Dance, Movement & Technology, a 2005 Boston Cyberarts conference and event series. For more information visit Ideas in Motion or email *protected email*

19 Clarendon St
Boston, MA 02116 
phone: 718-986-3114
email: moc.s1558379759evoml1558379759aciti1558379759rc@as1558379759silA1558379759


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