Boston Cyberarts 2005 Festival Event

Sat 04/23/2005
Wheelchair accessible

Boston Cyberarts presents Ideas in Motion, a conference, performance and workshop series on dance, movement and technology.

A new addition to the Boston Cyberarts Festival, Ideas in Motion is a series of events that showcases new and recent innovative work lying at the crossroads of dance, movement, and tech-nology. Ideas in Motion features talks, workshops, film screenings, and perform-ances by local, national, and international artists and experts.

The centerpiece of Ideas in Motion is a two-day conference on April 23 and 24. The conference includes a keynote address by Prof. John Mitchell of Arizona State University and two afternoons of presentations, short performances, and Q&A by an exciting, diverse cast of artists and technologists including:

Elaine Summers (USA)
Justin Davila (Dance Heritage Coalition) (USA)
Helen Pickett (on Forsythe) (USA)
Mark Downie (USA)
Nell Breyer (USA)
Vita Berezina (USA)
Fukurow Ishikawa (Japan)
Maya Ciarocci (USA)
Noah Riskin (USA)
Jody Sperling(Time Lapse Dance) (USA)
Kinodance Company (USA)
Fico Balet (Slovenia)
Marlon Barrios-Solano (Max/MSP/Jitter) (Venezuela/USA)

Conference times and dates:
April 23, 2-6pm, Simmons Hall at MIT, 229 Vassar Street, Cambridge
Sun, April 24, 1-6pm, The Dance Theater at Boston University, 915 Commonwealth Ave with the entrance opposite 25 Buick St. Boston

Admission: general $30/day or $50 for both days; students $24/day or $38 for both days.

Ideas in Motion is funded by grants from LEF Foundation, the Trust for Mutual Understanding, and the Boston Cultural Council, which is founded by Massachusetts Cultural Council and administrated by Mayor's Office of Art, Tourism, and Special Events.

This conference is the core event of Ideas in Motion: Innovations in Dance, Movement & Technology, a 2005 Boston Cyberarts conference and event series. For more information on this and other Ideas in Motion events,  tickets and registration visit Ideas in Motion or email *protected email*

Boston Cyberarts at MIT Simmons Hall
229 Vassar St
Cambridge, MA 02139 
phone: 617.253.5107


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