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2011 Festival Events Schedule

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Sat 05/07/2011

There will be an evening of live performance taking place within Andy Zimmermann's Who Am I? exhibit, featuring poetry by Rosamond Zimmermann and Cammy Thomas, with Froilan Decan on guitar, John Scales on drums, and Andy Zimmermann on midi-guitar and his own sound and light synthesizer. Sat, May 7 | 8pm Public Transportation| 1 Bus, CT2 Bus *Wheelchair Accessible through the ground floor entrance to the left of [...]

Sat 04/30/2011

The “BEAMS Electronic Music Marathon” showcases the depth and breadth of music made with electronic and computer sounds and features an international roster of musicians and composers. Electronic music and mixed/multi-media works are too often compromised by the quality of the technology through which they are experienced. But the 2011 “BEAMS Electronic Music Marathon” features a state of the art sound system installed in [...]

Fri 05/06/2011

The Gala celebrates the culmination of the Boston Cyberarts Festival and is also the award ceremony for the IBM Innovation Awards for best artwork in the festival. Join us for food, drink, music and prizes for the most creative "cyber" attire! Tickets available for purchase in March 2011. Friday, May 6 | 6:30-9:30pm Public Transportation | South Station (MBTA Red Line) Admission| $50 | http://cyberartsgala.event [...]

Fri 04/29/2011

Electronic music performance by: Jorrit Dijktsra | alto sax, analog electronics Michael Evans | drums, percussion and electronics Ernst Karel | analog electronics Neil Leonard | sax, laptop, electronics Andrew Neumann | laptop, analog electronics Arvid Tomayko-Peters | TOOB, laptop, electronics. Cyber-Pool is derived from the ongoing “The Improvisation Pool” series. Improvisations are in small and large groupi [...]

Mon 05/02/2011

After their thrilling debut at Beat Research in February that had everyone in the place literally jumping for joy, the dynamic duo of Pajaritos (DJ Riobamba aka Sara Skolnick and DJ Malagón aka Ernesto D. Morales) will once again be bringing their laptops filled to the brim with tasty beats (disco/ tropical/ cumbia / sabor latino etc.) In honor of the Cyberarts festival we also welcome Robotkid (aka Josh Randall) one o [...]

Mon 04/25/2011 - Tue 04/26/2011

Residents, DJ Flack and Wayne and Wax, run the free Monday Night “experimental party music“ weekly called Beat Research. For this year’s Cyberarts festival they have invited multimedia artist making the noise. mtn is an alias of Adam Ribaudo, a Cambridge-based producer who delivers cerebral electronic music that varies from lush airy sonicscapes to dirty glitchy beats. Using an assortment of custom or self-made software [...]

Sun 05/01/2011

ElectroNEC presents an afternoon of performances of recent music for digitally processed instruments and fixed media by New England Conservatory and Massachusetts College of Art faculty and guests. The program will feature Luigi Nono’s “Post-Prae-Ludium,” and work by artists Simon Hanes, Daniel Hawkins, John Holland, John Mallia, Neal Markowski, Beth McDonald, Marc McNulty, Katarina Miljkovic, and Peter Negroponte. S [...]

Sun 04/24/2011

The demoscene is a diverse computer art subculture focused on demos, or realtime rendered audiovisual demonstrations of coding, musical, and artistic prowess. Demos are meant to be technically as well as visually impressive. Chiptune artists use traditional instruments, both acoustic and electronic, alongside classic computational devices like Gameboys, Commodores, and Amigas, as well as more modern tools like palmtop [...]

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