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Festival Info & Contacts

BOSTON CYBERARTS FESTIVAL www.bostoncyberarts.org

The Boston Cyberarts Festival is a gathering of artists and high-technology professionals who use computers to advance visual and performing arts. Cyberart is any artistic endeavor in which computer technology expands possibilities, and artists express their visions through technology as they do through paint, film, or musical instruments.

The Festival features fine art exhibitions, performances, and demonstrations of artwork created using a computer. The Festival educates the general public, the student population, and personnel within the sponsoring corporations who have opportunities to see visionary works of art created with the tools that they produce. Start-up funding for the Boston Cyberarts Festival is provided by a Cultural Economic Development grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

The Festival spotlights the partnership between two world-class Massachusetts creative forces: the arts and high technology, and gives them visibility locally and world-wide. The digital media industry of Massachusetts has more workers and produces more revenue than that industry does in either California or New York. This economic engine, and your company, will benefit from a major cultural event that highlights the high technology industries' contribution to world technology and world-class digital art, music, and performance.

The Boston Cyberarts is a non-profit arts organization founded by George Fifield, curator of the first exhibition of computer installation art in New England and currently curator of media arts at the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park. Over the past 4 years, Boston Cyberarts programs have presented over fifty exhibitions in the media arts by hundreds of artists, in collaboration with organizations such as the Institute of Contemporary Art, the Harvard Film Archives, and the DeCordova Museum.

"The Boston Cyberarts Festival is a unique opportunity to showcase the synergy of creativity, resources and innovation made possible by Massachusetts' thriving cultural and high technology industries."

Paul Cellucci, Governor
Commonwealth of Massachusetts


General Inquiries and Participating Artists' Program

Boston Cyberarts
9 Myrtle Street
Jamaica Plain, MA
Cyberfest Hotline (617) 524-5084
fax (617) 524-9968

Press and Media Contact
Janet Bailey
Voicemail (617) 524-5084
fax (617) 247-2356

Corporate Partner Program
Chris Connaire
Voicemail (617) 524-5084
fax (617) 864-3211

Website Information
Pam Campos

Educational Programs
Jennifer Hall

Check the Cyberarts Festival Website at
www.bostoncyberarts.org for continuously-updated information!


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