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Spring 2001: Faces of tomorrow works with schools around the world as part of the 2001 Boston Cyberarts Festival!

Local and international youth will be adding their images to over 400 images during the spring 2001. In schools and afterschool programs young people are learning advanced graphic design while capturing their visions and ideas through portraiture.

Join us to add your images to those currently here, in this ever expanding gallery of youth cyberart!

Faces of Tomorrow is a web-based project which invites youth to submit self images in the form of photos, digital images, drawings, and combinations of media. This project was a part of the first statewide Boston CyberArts Festival that took place May 1-15, 1999. It culminated in a gala opening and exhibition at the Computer Museum in Boston for the Boston Cyberarts Festival from May 1-15, 1999. The project was organized by a committee of teachers, as well as professionals active in the world of nonprofit computer centers. Web development and hosting services are generously donated by Imagicians Interactive, a full services Internet development agency. See a full list of our sponsors.

During the Spring, 2000 we received sponsorship from Cadillac /GM to bring this project to over 300 middle school students in the Boston area. The six school districts received software and hardware donations. Professional cyberartists trained teams of computer and art teachers and everyone celebrated at a kick-off at the Museum of Science. Student artists displayed their work, gallary-style, at their local Cadillac dealership. Look for their images among those displayed here.

Currently we are producing a resource guide for technology coordinators and instructors who wish to participate in a classroom setting which will include user-friendly instructions, lesson plans, and additional resources in each geographic area. If you are interested in a resource guide, you can download our PDF version from the web site. To receive a resource guide by mail, or for further questions about this project, contact Jennifer at info@cyberfaces.org.

You can reach our website administrator at: webmaster@cyberfaces.org, if you have problems uploading your images, or if you have technical questions.

Good luck! We look forward to seeing your submissions.

The Youth Committee
Boston Cyberarts Festival


Sarah Smiley, Boston Cyberarts Festival
Stina Cooke, Computer Museum/Computer Clubhouse
Diane Willow, Childrens Museum
Cherie Martin, Cambridge Arts Council
Nita Sturiale, Artist and Educator
Felicia Sullivan, Lowell Telecommunications Corporation
Rachel Garber, Computer Museum/Computer Clubhouse
Kate Snow, Codman Square Health Center
Jay Lozada, President, Imagicians Interactive
Dana Palko, Creative Director, Imagicians Interactive
Matt Walczak, Student
Lisa Link, Boston Art Academy
Pat Dal Ponte, Graphic Designer
Carolina Kaufman, Computer Museum

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