Drift Grid, by Brian Knep

CyberartsCentral is the headquarters for the 2011 Boston Cyberarts Festival.

Located at the new Atlantic Wharf development at 290 Congress Street in downtown Boston, CyberartsCentral features exhibitions, music and dance performances, virtual reality and real-time rendered audiovisual demonstrations, and is also the 2011 Festival Visitor Center.

The CyberartsCentral visitor center, open daily during the festival from 10am-6pm, offers festival maps, information and merchandise, and is staffed by knowledgeable docents who will be glad to guide you through the exhibitions in CyberartsCentral and help you plan to get the most out of your festival experience.


Fluid Perimeters: An Exhibition of Dynamic Digital Imagery
The dramatic glass-enclosed Waterfront Square Atrium at Atlantic Wharf is the site of  an exhibition of slow-moving dynamic digital painting, digital animation, and algorithmically generated software that explores fluid dynamics and digital and artificial life.  Works included by Robert Arnold, Dan Hermes, Ben Houge, Brian Knep, Dennis Miller, Andrew Neumann, and Mark Stock.

CyberParts: Selected Works from the 2011 Boston Cyberarts Festival Artists
Located along the grand staircase to the second floor, CyberParts is an exhibition of works by artists who are showing elsewhere in the Boston Cyberarts Festival. Each work will be accompanied by information detailing where visitors can see more of that particular artist’s work at other Festival venues. CyberParts highlights the myriad types of work being showcased at participating Cyberarts Festival organizations. Selected artists include Brian Kane, Brooke Knight, Nathalie Miebach, Clea T. Waite, and Andy Zimmermann.

Occupation Forces
At CyberartsCentral, download Mark Swarek’s free SmartPhone app that allows you to view an augmented reality experience of a secret alien 
invasion of public space, with locations for viewing throughout downtown Boston. The project mixes alien invasion mythology with contemporary images of a foreign troops’ occupation. Artist Mark Skwarek will personally lead tours starting from CyberartsCentral. Check back for an updated schedule of times and dates of tours!



Friday, April 22, 5 to 8pm. Opening reception for CyberParts, Fluid Perimeters, Occupation Forces and CyberartsCentral. Free.

Saturday April 30 at 5pm, Seekers: A Bi-coastal Dance Improvisation. Seekers will look at the human need for intimacy and connection in a world full of technological mediation. Four performers in a studio in Los Angeles are broadcast live onto monitors in the Atlantic Wharf Waterfront Square. Linked by an improvisational score, four performers in Boston stir a cross-country movement dialogue. Desire is one of the key themes explored in a construct where distance is the premise. Conceived and directed by Alissa Cardone and Alla Kovgan of Kinodance Company featuring dancers from Boston, MA and Los Angeles, CA. Free

Friday May 6, 6:30 to 9:30 pm. Boston Cyberarts Gala
The Gala celebrates the culmination of the Boston Cyberarts Festival and is also the award ceremony for the IBM Innovation Awards for best artwork in the festival. Join in the festivities for just $50, BUY TICKETS NOW.


Sunday, April 24, 2 to 5pm, If All Those Able Minds Could Be Set Free: Demoshow and Chiptune Concert. The demoscene is a diverse computer art subculture focused on demos, or real-time rendered audiovisual demonstrations of coding, musical and artistic prowess. Demos are meant to be technically as well as visually impressive. Chiptunes are live performances that include the use of traditional acoustic and electronic instruments, alongside Gameboys, Commodores and Amigas, as well as more modern computational devices like palmtop computers. For a full list of performers, visit the Event Listing. Sponsored by @party ( and BOSTON8BIT ( Free.

Friday, April 29, 8 to 10pm, Cyber-Pool, Electronic music performance by local musicians. Cyber-Pool is derived from the ongoing “The Improvisation Pool” series. Improvisations are in small and large groupings, featuring a variety of musicians integrating electronic and acoustic instrumentation. Musicians include Michael Evans, Ernst Karel, Neil Leonard, Andrew Neumann, and Arvid Tomayko-Peters. Free.

Sunday May 1, 2 to 4pm, Egyptian Oracle, co-presented by the Boston Children’s Museum
Egyptian Oracle
is a Virtual Reality interactive narrative on the Egyptian tradition of the public oracle. Using an important religious event from the Ptolemaic Period, Jeffrey Jacobson’s Egyptian Oracle helps audiences develop a deeper understanding of Egyptian culture. An expert puppeteer will create a virtual High Priest avatar and several other participants, while the audience will play the role of the Egyptian public. The expanded Virtual Reality capabilities will permit audiences to directly interact with — and participate in the ceremony – to enable greater understanding and empathy for other cultures.  Free.

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