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The Expansive Artist: A seminar Based on Forsythe Improvisation Technique

Lead by Helen Pickett

Wed April 20th 4 – 7pm, Thur April 21st 10 – 1pm, Fri April 22nd 1 – 4pm

Boston Ballet Studios

A workshop relying on mixed-disciplines in which all participants bring their chosen focus into the room and meld it with physical alphabets and movement modalities to produce an integration of brain and body. The work in these three days is grounded in physical improvisation which enables each person to access yet unknown creativity by visualizing and interpreting the body in space – a different version of space! This technique of spontaneous movement boosts other art forms into enhanced realms of thought and physicality that will affect opinion and free the imagination to flow. This work allows participants to discover and access the inspiration that the body has to offer. The whole room works synergistically because the participants create and speak the same physical language. Action slides easily into the space. It is a class that the students manifest themselves. This new language is easy to learn and later refer to because it is rooted in technique. It is a gratifying challenge that will help any person glide into the flow of energy that coordinates mind and body. This method will not only enhance your vision of space – ponder more dimensions! – but also will open your art to another level entirely.

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Portable Realtime: Introduction to Real-time Video Processing with Max/MSP, Jitter and USB Devices

Lead by Marlon Barrios Solano from Unstablelandscape

Saturday April 23 rd 9 12pm

Jitter is a set of video, matrix, and 3D graphics objects developed by Cycling'74 for Max/MSP. This session will be in the format of a hands-on workshop to get Max users and artists familiar with the Jitter object system and its potential for performance and live visual performance. QuickTime video playback, live video and simple mixing will be interfaced with USB wired or wireless devices such as: game controllers, wireless mouse and keyboards.

Participants are expected to be reasonably comfortable working in Max/MSP and on the Macintosh in general. Participants are encouraged to bring any extra USB device and their own laptops with Max/MSP and Jitter already installed. A 30 days free fully operational demo is available from: http://www.cycling74.com/products/download.html
You must install Max/MSP 4.5 first. Jitter must be installed inside the Applications/MaxMSP folder.

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Isadora: Live Interactive (Live-I) Workshop

Lead by Mark Coniglio/Dawn Stopiello of Troika Ranch

Sunday April 24th 9 - 12pm

The workshop is an intensive seminar designed for artists and advanced students who want to explore the use of interactive computer technology in the creation and performance of dance, theater, and related live artworks. Using technology supplied by Troika Ranch, the participants will learn to use their gestures or movements to interactively control computer based media, such as sound synthesizers, video playback devices and theatrical lighting.

Troika Ranch Artistic Co-Directors Mark Coniglio and Dawn Stoppiello have been recognized as innovators in the field of dance and interactive media. As their work has become more widely known, and as the use of interactive technology in performance has become more common, requests for a workshop that exposes young artists to the possibilities offered by emerging technology have become more frequent. As a result of these requests, we have created the Live Interactive (Live-I) Workshop.

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Contemporary Dance Workshop

Lead by Fico Balet
Artistic Directors, Goran Bogdanovski & Dejan Siroj

Mon, Tue, Wed, April 25-27, 1-4pm

The 3-day workshop will focus on the participants’ physical limits, range and consciousness of his/her edges. Workshop will focus on confronting individual movement approaches and expression to the given theme. Special attention will be devoted to developing duets and group approaches to the given theme. Music will be an essential tool to hone improvisational work and final composition. Workshop will start with basic physical warm up.

Goran Bogdanovski is a choreographer and dancer /performer. He has worked successfully in many different fields of dance - ballet, physical theatre and contemporary dance. He graduated from Ljubljana Ballet School, going on to study gymnastics, electronic engineering, philosophy, ballet and contemporary techniques. He has taken part of research projects with Emio Greco, Josef Nadj, Jordi Cortes Molina, David Zambrano, Chrysa Parkinson, Howard Katz Fireheart, Francois Michele Pesenti...among others. From 1989-2000 he was member of the ballet company of the Slovenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre in Ljubljana; and worked with Pia and Pino Mlakar, Julio Lopez, Dragan Zivadinov, Irina Lukasova, Toer Van Shayk, Peter Breuer, Jeremy Leslie-Spinks, Vlasto Dedovic, Ivo Kosi, Ksenja Hribar, among others.

Dejan Srhoj After graduating from Ljubljana Ballet School and finishing the Ballet Academy in Munich (Germany), Dejan became the soloist of Slovenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre. From 1999-2001 he performed most of the leading roles, such as Prince in Swan Lake, Kashchey in Fire Bird, the Prince in Sleeping Beauty, Lucentio in Cranko's Taming of the Shrew. He also took part of research projects with Vera Mantero, Howard Katz Fireheart, Ko Morobushi, Benoit Lachambre, Francois Michele Pesenti...among others.

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Kinetic Awareness

with Elaine Summers

Saturday, April 30th from 2 to 5 pm
CasaNia Studio 46 Porter Road (off Mass Ave. at Porter Square)
Cambridge, MA 02140
www.casania.com for directions
Open to All
Cost: $40 ($35 for professional dancers/bodyworkers)

Elaine Summers was a seminal member of the Judson Dance Theater and is the inventor of a form of sensory-based movement re-training for all ages and levels of fitness. Summers uses anatomy and kinesiology to help students connect their subjective experiences with objective understanding of physical structure and function to permit an extraordinary range and ease of movement. Dancers with injuries are encouraged to attend. A work Ms. Summers made in the 1970's will be re-created by Boston-based Kinodance Company at the BCA Cyclorama on Sunday, May 1st, the day after the workshop.

Elaine's work in dance and body movement was incorporated as Kinetic Awareness™(the ball work) as a not for profit organization in 1986 and is taught in workshops and for credit in Universities throughout the United States, and at the Kinetic Awareness™ Center in New York City.

to register contact Alissa Cardone 617-718-9333 or email alissa@criticalmoves.com