Use of advanced technologies is rapidly becoming standard fare in the performing arts. The demand for new processes and methods of integrating the live with the digital raises important questions on both the artistic and cultural level, from aesthetics to archiving, to how people perceive and imagine the body. Ideas in Motion explores the implica­tions of these new movement systems by seeking to offer a historically grounded overview of the field.

The events will expose the public to a rich palette of ideas about collaboration between dance, technology and other art forms. Ideas in Motion will also introduce a variety of ways in which these hybrid works were and are now being conceived, created, and recorded. The organizers hope to not only provoke critical engagement with the work presented but provide a unique opportunity for dialogue between artists (dancers, choreographers, animators, filmmakers), technologists (engineers, software designers), and audiences. Ideas in Motion extends a particular invitation to those who are interested in the collaboration of art forms and who are ready to infuse their energy and ideas into this vital forum. Student discounts are available.

- curators Nell Bryer, Alissa Cardone, Dedalus Wainwright

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Ideas in Motion Conference
Sat April 23rd (1-5pm) & Sun April 24th (1-6pm)
A local and international cast of artists, performers and engineers present work examining key challenges facing creation and documentation as collaborations between media increases. The Keynote address on Sunday April 24 th at 1pm by John D. Mitchell will historically contextualize the field. Presentations will include live demonstration, short performances and/or video documentation with Q & A’s to follow. Artists include: Elaine Summers, Mark Downie, Justin Davila, Helen Pickett, Nell Bryer, Maya Ciarocci, Fukurow Ishikawa, Noah Riskin, Fico Balet, Kinodance Company, Marlon Barios Solano, Jody Sperling/TimeLapseDance.

Troika Ranch & Mei Be Whatever, April 23 at 8pm & April 24 7:30pm
Jody Sperling/TimeLapseDance presents a lec/dem on Loie Fuller, April 24 at 2pm
Fico Balet & Kinodance Company April 29 & 30 at 8pm
Crows Nest/Solitary Geography, a historic re-creation May 1 st from 5 – 9pm
Jamie Jewett/LostWax Dance, May 7 & 8 at 8pm

Helen Pickett’s workshop based on Forsythe Improvisation Technologies, April 20 - 22
Marlon Barios-Solano/UNSTABLELANDSCAPE on MaxMSP/Jitter, April 23 9am – 12pm
Troika Ranch’s Mark Coniglio introduces Isadora, April 24 9am – 12pm
Fico Balet Contemporary Dance Workshop, April 25-27 th 1-4pm
Elaine Summers leads a workshop in Kinetic Awareness, April 30 th 2 – 5pm

Choreographing Cinema I & II curated by Alla Kovgan at the Museum of Fine Arts, April 30 th at 11am & 1pm.
The Body+ A Video Survey of Dance/Technology works at the MIT Museum, from April 19 – May 8 th.

Ideas In Motion is funded in part by grants from LEF Foundation, Trust for Mutual Understanding, Boston Cultural Council which is funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and administered by the Mayors Office of Arts, Tourism and Special Events. Ideas in Motion partners are Green Street Studios, and the National Dance Project.

Ideas in Motion is one of the premier events during the opening weekend activities of the 2005 Boston Cyberarts Festival, funded in part by a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s John & Abigail Adams Arts Program, a special program that funds cultural economic development projects.