Networking and Advocacy

The core idea is to build up the regional art and technology community and to get people connected with each other. One example that was discussed was the recent creation of Art Technology Boston, a Greater Boston consortium of small nonprofits in art and technology. ATBoston mission is to create an interdisciplinary network in real and virtual space; trade and share resources; provide collaborative support; and establish a regional identity to increase visibility and strengthen outreach and advocacy efforts.

Three big ideas were:

  1. Create and online registry of existing resources
    Start a web-based registry of all existing non-profit and for profit organizations in New Media in New England with a link to everyone's web site. See directory idea in Creating Access.

  2. Build an online community
    Conceptually stitch us together through a regional consortium. It would include a calendar of new media events, a list serve to bounce ideas around. Essentially it would be a New England based Rhizome like magazine with some sections open to all who wanted to post.

  3. Create an equipment registry
    A registry of available equipment that would facilitate equipment sharing. This must benefit both borrowers and lenders to be self sustaining. A contract would be necessary and the service would be member based. Another part of this might be organizing a buyers group to get better rates on hardware, software and video equipment.

Additional ideas:

  • Organizations could combine and share mailing lists.

  • Creation of an AT New England, write a mission statement for a regional art & technology consortium.

  • Have quarterly mixers.

  • Present lectures and workshops on New Media. Have larger arts organizations like the Museum of Fine Arts or the Institute for Contemporary Art host seminars that this group puts together.

  • Promote new media as emerging discipline to funding institutions like Massachusetts Cultural Council etc. Encourage new media grants and awards.

  • Plant articles about art and technology in high technology company newsletters.

  • Create forums and presentations specific to area business and political leaders.

  • Propose presentations at business conferences that area leaders already attend.

  • Take part in technology trade shows.

  • Work with local cable access to get artists and art pieces onto TV.

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