Creating Access to Tools & Technology

Ideas discussed in this category were the most advanced as several organizations had already started working on them. The major goal, which overlaps with Building Businesses, is to create opportunities for artists to engage with technology professionals through artist-in-residencies at high technology corporations or one on one relationship building between artists and engineer/scientists. Two ideas that were discussed were a proposal by Boston Cyberarts to the National Endowment for the Arts to establish a program of artist's residencies at Massachusetts high technology corporations and a program proposed by Art Interactive to establish a volunteer engineer for the arts type program to be called the Creative Art and Technology program (CAT)

Two big ideas were:

1. Organize knowledge for the arts and tech community

  • create a web-based directory of vendors, artists, and educational institutions. See directory idea in Networking and Advocacy.

  • create org to spearhead directory. Rather creating a new organization should fall under umbrella of existing org.

  • create volunteer programs. Arts & Business council could do a volunteer program just for engineers. Emanuel Lewin of Art Interactive and Celeste Wilson of The Greater Boston Arts and Business Council agreed to discuss realizing this idea.

  • Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts could do a workshop on intellectual property for new media artists.

2. Connect Artists with R&D

  • create a clearinghouse of companies that have the technology an organization needs. Does not need to be a residency, perhaps month long.

  • Corporations invite artists to attend workshops/trainings that they offer to their employees.


  • set up forum for artists to test technology, present how they would use technology. More fluid than a formal residency (ex. Polaroid gives film to artists to test)

  • Create an organization like Boston Film/Video Foundation who have the equipment and provide training for new media artists.

  • Identify what companies are relevant to residency/equipment testing. Must benefit artist and company.

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