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Images from the 2001 Boston Cyberarts Festival

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Dancer Tomie Hahn performs with Curtis Bahn's "SSpeaPer," a wireless interactive dance system that sonifies her movements. 
As part of "Solo Artists on the Edge: Immersion Music by Virtuosos" at the Somerville Theater, Photo by Robyn Belair.

"99.22" by Kenneth Huff as part of "The 3rd Dimension in Prints" at the Brush Art Gallery, curated by Mary Ann Kearns.

Still from "Text Rain" interactive installation by Camille Utterback and  Romy Achituv, at CyberArt Central, Boston Architectural Center.

"Transport II" by Eric Heller, @ MIT Museum.

"Magic Book" virtual reality installation, at CyberArt Central, Boston Architectural Center.

Digital photographic assemblage 
by Mark Snyder.

Still from "The Wall" by Denise Marika, projection on Worcester
Art Museum.

Video still from "The Treasure of the Nibelungs," by Olivier Auber, Emmanuel Mâa Berriet and Thierry Fournier; at the
Goethe Institut Boston.

Teresa Marrin Nakra, developer of the 'Conductor's Jacket' technology to be featured by the Boston Modern Orchestra Project at Symphony Hall.

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2001 photos page 2

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