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Images from the 1999 Boston Cyberarts Festival

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Cyberarts at the Museum of Science in Boston. Presentation of "The Axe", a product by Harmonix Music Systems Inc., in front of Harry Umen's Digital Light Tapestries. "Acupuncture for Temporal Fruit" by Jennifer Hall and Marc LoCascio at the "Make Your Move" exhibition at the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park in Lincoln, MA Carmin Karasic's "binaryflesh coderush" in "Soul of the Machine" @ the Bromfield Gallery.

Sculpture by LaFort,  exhibited in "mind into matter", curated by George Fifield and Francine Koslow Miller at the Computer Museum
"The Almond and the Diamond" a dance by the Compagnie Marie Chouinard presented by Dance Umbrella, May 6-9
Ingo Gunther's  exhibition "Refugee Republic" at the Cambridge Arts Council
"Rupture in Cyberspace" by Remo Campopiano in the "eflections@attleboro" installations exhibition at the Attleboro Museum in Attleboro MA

A still from a video by Bill Burke from the "Crackpot Theorists and Terminal Technologists Video Show" organized by VideoSpace and presented at the List Visual Arts Center at MIT. May 12, '99

A large scale digital print from "Bacchae" by Despina Meimaroglou at the Lionheart Gallery, Boston MA

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