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Young visitors from Rhode Island
at CyberArtCentral in the
Computer Museum, 1999


The Boston Cyberarts Festival welcomes kids, parents, and teachers to special Cyber-events just for youth! Check this page in early 2009 for information about youth events for the next Festival.

Cloud Foundation and Jonathan Bachrach (Back Bay) Apr 21
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"Bigprotochoice" is an organic, volumetric, interactive light/sound sculpture. It produces an ever-changing interactive light/sound show embodying a decision-making organism responsive to acoustic input. "Protochoice" embodies the myriad of choices we make during a lifetime through light and sound, creating an elegant, thought provoking, and mesmmesmerizing phenomenon.
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Kinodance Company
Cloud Foundation (Back Bay) Apr 28
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Kinodance Company presents a dance demo and discussion for "Denizen", a multimedia performance piece. The "Denizen" world premiere performance is presented by Bank of America Celebrity Series at BU Tsai Performance Center on May 2 and 3.
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Neil Leonard making
electronic music


Neil Leonard
Cloud Foundation (Back Bay) May 5
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Neil Leonard's electronic music uses the computer to redefine jazz performance. He has created a number of custom software-based systems to extract thematic material from his improvisations to allow a computer to respond and jam with him in real-time. His latest solo work includes a melodic counterpoint between saxophone and computer where both live and virtual players ‘listen’ to each other and improvise responses in real-time. Leonard’s performance at Cloud Place will be followed by a question-and-answer session.
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Computer Clubhouse Animation Workshop
Computer Clubhouse at the Museum of Science (Downtown Boston) May 4
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Clubhouse members and staff will lead an informal workshop where participants can create animations using stop motion equipment and Scratch a programming and animation software developed by MIT Media Lab. At the Clubhouse, kids focus on making things - using computers to create their own animations, robots, websites, music, video and more.
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Bio-Art Self-Portraits
Cambridge Science Festival at Genzyme (Cambridge) Apr 23-27
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What happens when art students examine their own skin cells in biology class? Up close and personal art, that's what! See how a photography class at Walnut Hill School for the Arts transforms images of their own cells into collages that merge biology and identity.
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Cambridge Science Festival at the Museum of Science (Cambridge) Apr 27
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"ZAP!" is Christine Southworth's groundbreaking work for live musicians, singers, musical robots, and the Boston Museum of Science's 50-foot high Van der Graaf Generator. The 2005 show is returning with more robots, more singers, and more voltage!
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Night Visions


Night Visions
Lesley University (Cambridge) May 2-5
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"Night Visions" delivers four evenings of diverse and dynamic video programs and media art to local audiences. The work represents an intersection of local and international artists producing politically charged, interactive formats, as well as a diverse collection of new images that run as night projections. One of the evenings, Friday, May 5th, features work by Boston youth.
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Stethoscope Stories at Sound Show
New England Conservatory of Music (Downtown Boston) Apr 22
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Shound Show is an afternoon of multi-channel electronic sound in musical performance, acousmatic diffusion, and sound installation. Participants include NEC faculty, students and special guests, including Mary Sutton, whose "Stethoscope Stories" were derived from an origami children’s game, often known as a fortuneteller, in which over 80 volunteers answered questions as their heartbeats and responses were recorded. "Stethoscope Stories" is an interactive mixed media installation in which the viewer must use a stethoscope to mine the surface of sculptured forms for sounds of human heartbeats overlaid with the stories their owners have to tell.
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Electric Haiku: Calm as Custard by Cathy Weis
Institute of Contemporary Art (Fort Point) Apr 28-29
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Ideas in Motion and the Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA) present: Technology and the human body partner as choreographer Cathy Weis and her company present "Electric Haiku: Calm as Custard", a concoction of live movement, video, and sound. Using technology in simple yet ingenious ways, Weis takes physical movement into new realms, as dancers interact with projected images and sights and sounds are amplified to dramatic and comic effect.
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