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The Boston Cyberarts Festival is the first and largest collaboration of artists working in new technologies in all media in North America, encompassing visual arts, dance, music, electronic literature, web art, and public art.  The 2007 Festival took place at more than 50 museums, galleries, theatres, universities, and public spaces in and around the Boston area.  The next Festival is planned for April 24 - May 10, 2009
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We extend a special thanks to the many generous sponsors whose support makes the Boston Cyberarts Festivals possible.
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Drift Wall 2007
Brian Knep

Visual Music Marathon
Jean Detheux

So what exactly is the Boston Cyberarts Festival?

"Cyberart can be anything from an examination of complex ideas about the nature of reality to sheer unadulterated fun – and if you're lucky, both at the same time."
- BBC, 2005 

"The convergence of the old and the new turns out to be the most fascinating dimension of the Boston Cyberarts Festival. While I was expecting to see lots of newfangled electronic novelties, what surprised and intrigued me was how much of what I saw revolved around some of the oldest and most traditional ideas and aspirations in the history of art."
- Boston Globe, 2007

"The presence of so much experimental work in and around Boston might surprise those who view the city as a bastion of cultural conservatism, but it reflects a long local history blending art and science. …"
- New York Times, 1999

"Look closely at many of the projects and you'll see a start-up technology on a shakedown cruise." - Boston Globe, Business Intelligence column, 2003

"Even after eight years, the Festival can still delight and inspire …"
- Big Red & Shiny, 2007

"Young and cool, middle-aged and hip, plugged-in, free-spirited, garbed in the many varieties of geek chic and la mode Bohemian, the demographic was the sort many conventional music organizations would kill for."
- Boston Globe, 2001

"The biannual Boston Cyberarts Festival …. has a vibrancy that the [New York Digital] salon sorely lacks."
- New York Times, 2003

"The art in cyberart is finding its own footing, giving viewers and participants opportunities not only for the ‘oooh-aah' of the unexpected but for the entire array of experiences we derive from art."
- Boston Phoenix, 2001

"The vision required to yank something out of its traditional context and turn it on its head."
- ArtByte Magazine, 2001

"The most thrilling dance work this reviewer has seen in recent memory."
- Boston Globe, 2006

"Creepy and awesome."
- The New York Times, 2005

"The hot ticket for techies!"
- Where Magazine, 2005

"It's the festival at which to nourish your inner geek."
- Six New Things, 2007

Scott Snibbe's "Deep Walls"
at Art Interactive
Young visitors from Rhode Island
to CyberArtCentral
Artificial creature from
Karl Sims' "Galapagos"

Dancer Tomie Hahn performs
with Curtis Bahn's "SSpeaPer"
photo credit: Robyn Belair

"The Treasure of the Nibelungs"
by Olivier Auber,
Emmanuel Mâa Berriet and
Thierry Fournier

Thanks for your interest in Boston Cyberarts, and we'll see you at the Festival!


Be sure to visit HyperArtSpace, the Boston Cyberarts Online Gallery, now Featuring:

Make your own video monsters - 'Eisenstein's Monster' by Babel is a participatory video piece, a tongue-in-cheek coupling of Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein' and the montage theories of Sergei Eisenstein.

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