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Meet the HyperArtSpace Director: Carmin Karasic

by Janet Bailey

Carmin Karasic, a digital artist and software engineer, is the Director of HyperArtSpace, the Boston Cyberarts Festival's online gallery. She has been involved with the Festival organizing effort since its inception, and participated in the committee that developed the Festival's website. In Carmin's "real life", she runs her own company, Pixelyze, which specializes in website design, digital artwork, and software quality control; this follows a number of years working for major  technology-based corporations such as Polaroid and Lotus.


In describing her artwork and her philosophy of art, Carmin says: "I create computer dreamscapes. I have focused my artwork on the Internet. I am playing with the aesthetics of confusion. I am combining technology and pleasant experiences. I am always looking to collaborate with other Internet Artists."

Carmin and three of her colleagues received notice in the media recently- including articles in the New York Times and Wired- for FloodNet, an internationally-known activist art collaboration.  FloodNet is a hybrid of political and conceptual interactive performance art, designed to make browsers automatically reload targeted webpages several times per minute for the purpose of disrupting internet traffic to those sites. The artists point out that FloodNet does not access or destroy data, change websites, or crash servers; they refer to it instead as a form of "electronic civil disobedience", aimed specifically at agencies or governments that violate human rights.

Some of Carmin's other artworks include "The Underground Railroad in Cyberspace" and "Liberty and Justice for All." Her work has received exposure all over the world, including ARS Electronica 98 in Austria, the World Arts Association First Member's Show in the U.K, various locations in the U.S., and on the Internet, and she has received numerous awards.

You can view Carmin's work by visiting her website at: www.pixelyze.com.

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