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For immediate release - March 11, 2005
Press Contact: J. M. Bailey (617) 971-9383

Innovations in Dance, Movement and Technology are explored at Ideas in Motion Conference and Events

Boston, MA — A new addition to the Boston Cyberarts Festival, Ideas in Motion is a series of events that showcases new and recent innovative work lying at the crossroads of dance, movement, and tech-nology. Ideas in Motion features talks, seminars, film screenings, and perform-ances by local, national, and international artists and experts, and takes place at various locations around Boston and Cambridge.

Conference: The centerpiece of Ideas in Motion is a two-day conference on April 23 and 24, the first weekend of the Festival. The conference includes a keynote address by Prof. John Mitchell of Arizona State University and two afternoons of presentations, short performances, and Q&A by an exciting, diverse cast of artists and technologists — April 23, 2-6pm, Simmons Hall at MIT, 229 Vassar Street, Cambridge; and April 24, 1-6pm, Boston University Dance Theater, 915 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston.

Performances and Screenings: Ideas in Motion happenings take place throughout the period of the Boston Cyberarts Festival and include the following:

  • Troika Ranch & Mei Be Whatever: Troika Ranch & Mei Be Whatever: Two New York-based companies are featured in this double bill. Troika Ranch presents an excerpt of their newest digital dance theatre work “16 (R)evolutions,” which combines dance, theater, and interactively generated video imagery. Mei-Be Whatever pre-sents “Wear and Tear,” a work about the body as machine, which uses spy cameras to create real-time projections. — April 23, 8pm & April 24, 7pm, Boston University Dance Theater.

  • Jody Sperling/TimeLapseDance: This performance and lecture/demonstration recreates a work by Loie Fuller — April 24, 2 pm, Boston University Dance Theater.

  • Fico Balet & Kinodance Company: Two performances are presented in this double bill. Slovenian dance company Fico Balet presents “Confi-dance” a contemporary innovative dance and theatre production; and Boston-based Kinodance Company presents “Secret Streams” an intermedia spectacle in which movement is the language of interaction between film projections, light, sound, a kinetic set, and dance. — April 29 & 30, 8pm, Green Street Studios, 185 Green Street, Cambridge.
  • Choreographing Cinema: This film series, curated by Alla Kovgan, investigates relationships between dance and film April 30, 11am and 1:30pm, Museum of Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Avenue, Boston.

  • Crows Nest/Solitary Geography: Kinodance Company produces a recreation of a historical inter-media (dance/film/sound/sculpture) performance installation by Judson Dance Theatre’s Elaine Summers May 1, continuous performances 5-9pm, Boston Center for the Arts Cyclorama, 539 Tremont Street, Boston.

  • RestLess: Jamie Jewett’s interactive multimedia dance theater is presented by LOSTWAX May 6 and 7, 8 pm, Green Street Studios.

Exhibition: Boston Cyberarts and the MIT Museum present The Body +, a selection of dance portraits, anima-tions, and multimedia performance works by artists and engineers who have designed new technologies to see, re-cord, and transform live movement April 12-May 1, MIT Museum, 265 Mass Ave, Cambridge.

Workshops and Master Classes: For those interested in more active participation in dance and technology, the following workshops and master classes are offered.

  • Helen Picket: Three-session master class based on Forsythe Improvisational Technologies April 20, 4-7pm; April 21, 10am-1pm; April 22, 1-4pm, Boston Ballet Studios, 19 Clarendon Street, Boston.

  • Marlon Barrios-Solano: Workshop and demonstration of Max/MSP/Jitter software April 23, 9am-12pm, Simmons Hall at MIT.

  • Mark Coniglio of Troika Ranch: Workshop and demonstration of Isadora software April 24, 9am-12pm, Boston University Dance Theater.

  • Goran Bogdanovski & Dejan Siroj of Fico Balet: Three-session movement class/workshop April 25-27, 1-4pm, Green Street Studios.

  • Elaine Summers: Kinetic Awareness™ workshop April 30, 2-5pm, CasaNia Studios, 46 Porter Road, Cambridge.

Use of advanced tech-nolo-gies is rapidly becoming standard fare in the performing arts. The demand for new processes and methods of integrating the live with the digital raises important questions on both the artistic and cultural level, from aesthetics to archiving, to how people perceive and imagine the body. Ideas in Motion explores the implica-tions of these new movement systems by seeking to offer a historically grounded overview of the field.

Ideas in Motion will expose the public to a rich palette of ideas about collaboration of dance, technology and different art forms, and will introduce a variety of ways in which these hybrid works were and are being conceived, created, and recorded. The organizers hope not only to provoke critical engagement with the work but also to provide opportunities for dialogue between artists, technologists, and audiences. Ideas in Motion extends a particular invitation to those who are interested in exploring the collaboration of art forms and are ready to infuse their energy and ideas into this vital forum. Student discounts are available.

For further information, call 617.524.8495,
email , or visit bostoncyberarts.org/conf/iim.

The 2005 Boston Cyberarts Festival spotlights the creative interactions of the worlds of art and technology. The Festival takes place at museums, galleries, theaters, educational institutions, and public spaces in and around Boston from April 22-May 8, 2005, and on the Festival’s website.

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The Curators of Ideas in Motion gratefully acknowledge the essential grants provided by the LEF Foundation, the Trust for Mutual Understanding, and the Boston Cultural Council, which is funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council and administered by the Mayor’s Office of Arts, Tourism, and Special Events.

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Opening weekend activities of the 2005 Festival are funded in part by a grant from the MCC’s John & Abigail Adams Arts Program, a special program that funds cultural economic development projects.


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