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Venue Participation

The Boston Cyberarts Festival celebrates the use of technologies in all the arts. Individual artists and established arts organizations, including both visual and performing arts of all types, are welcome to become part of the Festival. We are looking for contemporary art that uses new technologies in ways that combine spirit, creativity and innovation. Participation can take many forms:

  • An established museum or gallery would schedule an exhibition of cyber-artwork so that it is taking place during the spring in 2007.
  • An established performing arts organization would schedule a performance or set of performances incorporating art and technology, and include it as part of the organization's regular season schedule during the spring in 2007.
  • An individual artist would organize an exhibition or performance of his or her work, either alone or in collaboration with other artists, at a venue in the Eastern New England area during springtime 2007.
  • A theater, museum, or gallery might choose to make its space available for a lecture/demonstration by an artist or guest speaker, help to organize a lecture series, or provide support for other educational activities.
  • An arts-education institution might provide guest speakers or venues for lectures or symposia.

Artist Participation

For the individual visual or performing artists, there are three steps to being included in the Festival.

  1. Visit our APropos Registry. Submit a general description of your work or a specific proposal for the next Festival. The submission deadline for the 2007 Festival is January 1st, 2007. Include links to your website and your email address so others can contact you. We will be also asking arts organizations to submit calls for entries for Festival related exhibits and events. So check it out on a regular basis.

  2. Target specific arts institutions and propose a show or submit your work for consideration, especially (but not exclusively) those with which you have a previous relationship. Send a proposal and resume along with documentation or website information. On the outside of the letter write "Proposal (or artwork) for consideration for the 2007 Boston Cyberarts Festival." This insures that it does not go into a regular proposal file, which is looked at only occasionally. A list of past participating arts organizations is available on this website in the past events listing from the 1999 Festival, 2001 Festival, 2003 Festival, 2005 Festival. Other arts and educational organizations in the Greater Boston area may be interested in participating as well. Boston Cyberarts is always interested in including new organizations.

  3. Propose a show or submit your work for consideration to Boston Cyberarts. Many of the exhibitions and performances in the last festival came about when arts organizations asked us who they ought to consider. Boston Cyberarts maintains records on numerous visual or performing artists. Make sure we have up to date information. Boston Cyberarts is foremost an organizing body. It does present some of its own exhibitions and performances during the Festival, but in most cases the exhibitions and performances are organized by the collaborating organizations (theaters, galleries, museums, etc.) and the participating artists.

The Festival will provide the following support for participating artists and arts organizations.

Your event will be listed in:

  • The Festival calendar, which will be reach approximately 150,000 potential event-goers in the Boston area and throughout New England, and which will be available at all venues during the Festival.
  • Press and publicity materials, which will be distributed to members of both the arts and business/technology media in New England and across the country.
  • The Festival Website. Our Festival Event Database is organized by artist, organization, medium, date and location. Organization websites can be linked to the Festival's site as well.
In addition, the Festival will assist in matching arts organizations with corporate participants who can provide technical equipment and expertise as needed.Participating artists and arts organizations will provide the following to the Festival:
  • The Festival logo will appear on all promotional and publicity materials for your event, and on signage at the event itself.
  • Mailing list names and addresses will be provided to the Festival for a one-time mailing of the Festival calendar.

The Festival will be provided with a modest number of complimentary tickets or passes to your event, to use for marketing or fundraising purposes.


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