Boston Cyberarts 2011 Festival Event

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Venue: Hallspace   Categories: exhibition

Sat 04/23/2011 - Sat 05/28/2011
Free admission
Love You ‘TiLL The end of Time

"Love you Till the End of TIme" @ HallspaceFor her second solo show at HallSpace, the Boston-based artist Bebe Beard presents new work from 2010-2011 called Love You ‘Till the End of Time.
The drawings, sculpture and video in the series were generated from an extended stay on Maine’s Monhegan Island in the winter of 2009-2010. Beard lovingly transforms the traditional artist’s materials in her drawings by meticulously combining white feathers, EPS foam and video.

EPS packaging ranging from squid coolers, to fruit packing boxes, shipping boxes for glassware, television and computer packing is also arranged into
seven free-standing sculptures titled individually Totems I through VII. Graced with large and small feathers – giving an impression of angelic purity and flight – they have an intuitive and dynamic balance of geometric forms and whiteness. Video is projected into, on and over the Totems making a beautiful yet elegiac environment. Love You ‘Till the End of Time is complemented and completed by animation and music composition by Lou Cohen.


Apr 23-May 28

Viewing Hours| Fri & Sat, 12-5pm & by appointment only.

Opening Reception| Sat, Apr 23 | 3-6pm

950 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester, MA 02125
Dorchester, MA 02125 
phone: 617 288 2255


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