Boston Cyberarts 2011 Festival Event

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Venue: sübSamsøn   Categories: exhibition

Thu 04/28/2011 - Sat 04/30/2011
Free admission | Wheelchair accessible
Zsuzsanna V. Szegedi: TRACE WITH ME : An audience participatory performance


“Trace with me” previous performance at sübSamsøn 2011sübSamsøn presents an audience participatory performance by Zsuzsanna V. Szegedi. “Trace with me” combines the tangible mark making experience with indirect media elements and relies on the public‘s interaction. In a semi dark room moving projected dots dictate the form and rhythm of the yet drawn image pattern. The audience is supplied with mark making materials. Szegedi’s recent work is part interactive performance, video and hand drawn imagery. Through an interaction with the audience, attention is drawn to the tangible aspects of the drawings while video captures the timely transformation. Merging the direct and projected experience is central to her work. She investigates contradictions within the creative process; the idea of “complete” and the illusion of actual vs. subjective.

Photo: Trace with me, previous performance at sübSamsøn 2011

Apr 28-30

Gallery Hours| Thurs-Sat, 12-5pm

Closing Reception|  Sat, April 30, 5-8pm


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450 Harrison Avenue, 29 Thayer Street
Boston, MA 02118 
phone: 617.357.7177


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