Boston Cyberarts 2011 Festival Event

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Venue: The Urbano Project   Categories: exhibition, youth

Mon 04/25/2011 - Sun 05/08/2011
Free admission | Wheelchair accessible
Where I Live…

Motion-tracking software activates the installation.Where I Live… is an interactive sound installation featuring the voices of over 40 high school students speaking about their neighborhoods, and the psychic effects of growing up in an urban environment. The installation is activated by visitors’ movements through the gallery, which trigger ambient sounds and story fragments from surrounding speakers. Filling Urbano’s gallery, Where I Live… uses motion-tracking software, allowing multiple visitors to activate the piece by moving and playing within the space. Users experience a non-linear, overlapping web of sounds, details of which emerge as they move slowly or quickly around the gallery. Participants are rewarded for longer immersion in the installation by an evolving story, revealed over time, featuring voices of young people and ambient sounds collected from sites around the city. The dynamic sound environment of Where I Live… provides urban teens, who often feel that their voices are not heard or heeded by adult policymakers, to speak powerfully together about their diverse experiences of the city of Boston. Where I Live is a collaborative project led by local media artist Alison Kotin in partnership with Urbano’s Teen Curators.

Photo: Motion-tracking software activates the installation.

Apr 25-May8

Gallery Hours | Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri | 2-6pm

Opening Reception | Fri, Apr 29 | 6-9pm


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The Urbano Project
284 Amory St. 1st Floor Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 
phone: 617.983.1007


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