Boston Cyberarts 2011 Festival Event

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Sun 04/24/2011
Free admission | Wheelchair accessible
If All Those Able Minds Could Be Set Free: Demoshow and Chiptune Concert

electronic devices used to create chiptunes, by br1ght pr1mate.The demoscene is a diverse computer art subculture focused on demos, or realtime rendered audiovisual demonstrations of coding, musical, and artistic prowess. Demos are meant to be technically as well as visually impressive.

Chiptune artists use traditional instruments, both acoustic and electronic, alongside classic computational devices like Gameboys, Commodores, and Amigas, as well as more modern tools like palmtop computers.

Br1ght Pr1mate combines the forces of indie-scene alum Lydia Marsala and James Therrien (Fugitive Kind) who explore, bend, and completely ignore the boundaries of chiptunes, rock, dance, art and electro in a futuristic fusion that would be right at home on your favorite space ship.

Arkbit and the Attic Bat are “The Attic Bits”, two chiptune artists from New Hampshire. Drawing on such diverse influences as J Dilla and Sigur Ros, the duo uses a unique combination of electronics to create 8-bit dance and ambient music.

VJ Beyonder (George Peterson) has always been intrigued by the power of the abstract image. He produces and performs computerized visuals to enhance the energy of any flavor of any event, and has mixed video with live artists, dj's and bands at a large variety of local venues.

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Photo: Some of the electronic devices used to create Chiptunes, by the Attic Bits.


Sun, Apr 24 | 3-6pm

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Mocktails! $5

Public Transportation | South Station (MBTA Red Line)


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290 Congress St., Boston, MA 02210
Boston, MA 02210 


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