Boston Cyberarts 2011 Festival Event

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Venue: Boston Sculptors Gallery   Categories: music

Sat 05/07/2011
Free admission | Wheelchair accessible
Andy Zimmermann: "Who Am I?", Live Poetry and Music Performance

Meing and Nothingness (detail)There will be an evening of live performance taking place within Andy Zimmermann's Where Am I? exhibit, featuring poetry by Rosamond Zimmermann and Cammy Thomas, with Froilan Decan on guitar, John Scales on drums, and Andy Zimmermann on midi-guitar and his own sound and light synthesizer.

 Photo: Meing and Nothingness (detail), Andy Zimmermann

Sat, May 7 | 8pm

Public Transportation| 1 Bus, CT2 Bus

*Wheelchair Accessible through the ground floor entrance to the left of the front door and via the parking lot. Ring bell to notify the gallery attendant and use the elevator

Boston Sculptors Gallery
486 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02118
Boston, MA 02118 
phone: 617-482-7781


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