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Venue: Brandeis Electro-Acoustic Music Studio (BEAMS) at Slosberg Hall   Categories: music

Sat 04/30/2011
Free admission | Wheelchair accessible
BEAMS (Brandeis Electro-Acoustic Music Studio) Electronic Music Marathon

Photo: Hanna Shapero in 1968 with Buchla 100 synthesizerThe “BEAMS Electronic Music Marathon” showcases the depth and breadth of music made with electronic and computer sounds and features an international roster of musicians and composers. Electronic music and mixed/multi-media works are too often compromised by the quality of the technology through which they are experienced. But the 2011 “BEAMS Electronic Music Marathon” features a state of the art sound system installed in the intimate and acoustically excellent Slosberg Recital Hall that allows audiences to experience the music uncompromised - the way that the composers intended for it to be heard.

The “BEAMS Electronic Music Marathon” is also part of the Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts TM . Sponsored by the Arts Council, The Poses Awards, the Theodore and Jane Norman Fund, and the Center for German and European Studies at Brandeis University, with additional support from Parsons Audio and the Computer Music Studio at Boston University.



Photo: Hanna Shapero in 1968 with Buchla 100 synthesizer

Sat, Apr 30 | 12pm-12am

Public Transportation| Commuter Rail


Performers| Benjamin Sung, violin; Philipp Stäudlin, saxophones; Jihye Chang, piano; Sarah Brady, flute; Gabriela Diaz, violin; Shanna Gutierrez, flute; Joshua Gordon, cello; Geoffrey Burleson, piano; Elizabeth England, oboe; Peter Van Zandt Lane, bassoon; Bill Solomon, percussion; Roberto Durante, piano; Krista Reisner, violin; Donald Palma, double bass; Mari Kimura, violinist/composer; Sound Icon; Jeffrey Means, conductor; Michael Lowenstern, bass clarinet/composer; Re'ut Ben Ze'ev, mezzo-soprano; Michael Norsworthy, clarinet; Christoph Bösch, flute; Alex Lipowski, percussion; Talea; Jürg Henneberger, piano; Ensemble Phoenix; Jean Kopperud, clarinet; Travis Alford, trumpet; Tom Kolor, percussion

Composers| Steve Reich, Jeremy Podgursky, John Gibson, James Dashow, Joshua Fineberg, Philippe Manoury, Roland Breitenfeld, William Coble, Butch Rovan, Punkte (Roth Michaels/John Aylward), Rodrigo Cichelli Velloso, Chris Bailey, Davide Ianni, James Borchers, Vinko Globokar, Malin Bång, Craig Walsh, Dennis Miller, Jonathan Harvey, João Pedro Oliveira, Steven Takasugi, Jacob TV, Michael Lowenstern, Thomas Kessler, Sangwon Lee, Peter Van Zandt Lane, Matthew Greenbaum, Olga Neuwirth, Derek Hurst, Mathew Rosenblum, Alessandro Cipriani, John Young




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Brandeis Electro-Acoustic Music Studio (BEAMS) at Slosberg Hall
Brandeis University, 415 South Street
Waltham, MA 02453 
phone: 781.736.5008


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