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Coming to Axiom in October

us and the sunAxiom Center for New and Experimental Media presents "What Stands Between Us and the Sun," the newest project from the Rhode Island-based artist team of Megan and Murray McMillan.
"What Stands Between Us and the Sun" is a new photo, installation, and video project.  In a warehouse in Central Falls, RI, the McMillans built an artificial lake in an invented world where performers alter the lake's structure to fabricate an eclipse of the sun. The work shown at Axiom will be an installation containing video, photography and elements that are made from, and refer to, the set created in Rhode Island.
Megan and Murray McMillan have been collaborating since 2002. Their projects begin with the building of a theatrical set, acting as a stage for video and photography production. The moving compositions use an elegant, loosely narrative language of dolly shots, fluid camera movements, and ethereal theatrical lighting. The resulting video is shown as part of a related installation that employs the visual and thematic elements from the original set.
The exhibition opens Friday, October 8 and runs through Saturday, November 27. There's an opening reception on October 8 from 6-9pm and an artist talk on Tuesday, November 9 from 7-9pm.  For more information, visit the website.

Incidents and Reflections
heidi tim clarkClark University's Schiltkamp Gallery is the venue for Heidi Kayser and Tim Murdoch's collaborative show "Incidents and Reflections." Their work deals with issues of the perception of time, the mirrored image, and the impact of connections between people, time and the consequence therein.

Tim Murdoch requires the public to interact with the sculptural kinetic installations he creates. By doing so, the circuit is completed, allowing the work to take on life and prompting the audience in a moment of reflection, both literally in the installation's vibrating mirrors and metaphorically in their minds. Murdoch's work explores the connection between interior self and exterior image, and personal space with public appearance.

Heidi Kayser's sculptures, installations and drawings create fantastical scenarios that she imagines, where scale and perception are altered, and anything is possible. Using mylar tape and silver paint, she creates reflective surfaces that question the existence of edge and boundary.

The show runs through November 23, with an Opening Reception and Artists Talk on October 7 from 4-7 pm. Schiltkamp Gallery is located in the Traina Center for the Arts at Clark University, 92 Downing Street in Worcester.
PoweredUp Boston
Anyone who is anyone in the game development business will be attending PoweredUp Boston in October.  Put on by CreateBoston, a unit of the Boston Redevelopment Authority, PoweredUp Boston is looking to bring hundreds of people interested in the New England game development community together at the Renaissance Waterfront Hotel in South Boston on October 14 and 15. Our friends at the Mass Cultural Council - who have supported many ventures in the creative economy, including our very own selves - are providing funding for this event.

This year's conference celebrates Boston's position as an established business cluster in the region:  we're #5 in the country for gaming industry companies and jobs. Participants will have plenty of time to network with each other and with support industries like law firms, talent recruiters and educational institutions.

For more information, visit the website.

Pixelerations [v.7]
If you're headed to Providence in the next week or so, check out PIXILERATIONS, a new media showcase that investigates the state of new media arts through installations, concert performances and film/video screenings. It is part of the larger FirstWorks Festival, a multidimensional performing arts festival held in Providence each fall.
Now in its seventh year, Pixilerations showcases groundbreaking work in digital music and art. Local, national and international artists, selected from over 350 applicants, investigate issues ranging from the controversy around surveillance technologies to private space as commodity to the richness of digital technology as an artistic tool.

The festival began yesterday and runs through October 10.  For more information, visit the website.
Calculated Risks at Wellesley
david teng olsenThere's still plenty of time to catch Dreamcatcher Harpoon, David Teng Olsen's 5-channel animation in which the work is brought to life as objects in the gallery sense the approach of visitors and set the work in motion.  The piece combines animations that unfold on all sides before the viewer's eyes and background chatter taken from childhood recordings, and addresses human as well as nonhuman interactions and spatial relationships.
Olsen's work is part of "Calculated Risks,"an exhibition on view at the Davis Museum and Cultural Center through December 12, showcasing the inventive diversity among the faculty studio artists in Wellesley College's Art Department. For more information, visit the website

Image: David Teng Olsen, Dreamcatcher Harpoon, whale detail
Coming soon to a venue near you ...
tomie hahnThe next Boston Cyberarts Festival is scheduled for April 22-May 8, 2011, and now's the time we need to get participating organizations lined up.

Several of the most prestigious organizations in the area have already signed up to participate, including the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, the Davis Museum, and Fuller Craft Museum.
If you're an organization and are considering an art-and-technology-related show for spring of 2011, we'd love to hear from you. If you're a cyberartist but are not connected with a particular organization, you can use our Apropos database to see if you can find a home for your cyber-project.
Past Festivals have involved 50 or more organizations, including museums, galleries, dance and music organizations, educational institutions, and others. We'd love to include you! 
If you'd like to discuss this more, contact us at
Image: Dancer Tomie Hahn at the 2001 Festival 
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And many other generous institutions and individuals.
We would love to work with your company on upcoming Boston Cyberarts projects!  Please contact George Fifield at 617.524.2109 or email for information on becoming a sponsor.
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