Are You Buying? Performance by Catherine Siller

Are You Buying?  A performance by Catherine Siller

October 19, 2017, 6pm to 8pm

A mannequin dreams that she has it all as she travels back in time through the pages of Vogue magazine, but soon she realizes that she’s caught in a loop of desire and dissatisfaction…
A new, multi-media performance will premiere at Boston Cyberarts on October 19, 6-8pm. It’s supported in part by a Boston Foundation LAB grant.
This movement-based, solo performance uses large-scale projection and interactive video to translate filmic dream tropes to the stage: dissolves, distortions, quick cuts, and strange conglomerations of characters and objects. Remixing poses, imagery, and sound from beauty and fashion ads from the 1920s to present, it investigates the portrayal of women in advertising throughout US history.
Choreograph, video, and custom software by Catherine Siller. Sound design by Ian Hatcher.