City of Work, by Michael Lewy, Jan. 2013

city of work
Opening reception: Friday January 11, 2013

The Boston Cyberarts Gallery is pleased to present City of Work, by Michael Lewy, curated by George Fifield. This dystopian view of a city filled with cubicles reflects the ideas of the author of The Overworked American, Juliet Schor, who wrote that in 1990, Americans worked an average of nearly one month more per year than in 1970. Using photography, video, computer graphics and the Internet, Lewy has constructed an entire society where vacations are given by lottery, jobs are determined by the Human Potential Institute and it is illegal to be unemployed.

city of work

Marcus Sterling L’amour, founder and CEO of Omnipresent Industries says about the exhibition, “While we at Omnipresent Industries disapprove of art, as it represents a loss of those precious hours we have available to make ourselves better workers, this exhibition does reflect the strong values that Omnipresent Industries stands for, our core principles that guide our decisions and actions, ensuring everything we do is beneficial to our way of life. Remember our motto “if you worked here, you would be at work right now.””

This exhibition will include a computer based introductory orientation about your new work environment, an opportunity to take a Human Potential Institute test and find out exactly what job you will be assigned to and further inspirational quotes of Marcus Sterling L’amour.


Michael Lewy is an artist who works in a variety of media including photography, video and computer graphics. He received his MFA from Massachusetts College of Art in 1996; He has been working at MIT as an administrative assistant since 2000 and also works as an illustrator for such clients as the New York Times book review and HiLow books. He is the author of Chart Sensation, a book of power point charts and has shown at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, the Pacific Film Archives and Carroll and Sons Gallery in Boston. He currently lives in Jamaica Plain, MA with his wife and daughter.,